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Mexican Marines Kill Drug Cartel Boss And Seven Bodyguards With Military Attack Helicopter

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It can be debated that the 'war on drugs' is the fucking stupidest war since....well....every other war but it's been going for a lot longer and has cost a lot more than most. In fact, the war on drugs started way bac...

‘Slut Drop’ Ends With Trip To Emergency Department And Viral Video

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This tear-inducing video shows a young woman performing the infamous 'slut drop' dance move, getting unexpectedly penetrated and ending up with a rather embarrassing injury. But despite the fact that she had to go to ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in June

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The month of June was an absolutely massive month. I didn't realise how freakin' hectic it was until I started putting this cheeky video together the other day. There was a lot of intense news (politics, violence et...

Motorcyclists Cheat Death As A Dog Runs Onto Road

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This is one of those "Thank FUCK" videos. It could've ended very gruesomely for the motorcyclists involved in the accident, but luckily they've walked away alive. They likely got some nasty road rash and a future fe...

Extremely Close Call With A Semi-Trailer In Victoria

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This dash cam video indeed shows an extremely close call with a fucken semi. A brutal truck crash almost took place ey. The truck appears to do battle with a fallen tree trunk on the road and almost take out a parked...

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