Troll tries to buy Audi on the cheap, gets way more than bargained for

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It’s pretty much the law of the jungle that when you’re trying to sell something, some dodgy wanker will do his level best to undercut the f**k out of you. Usually these blokes can be sorted out with a simple ‘get f**...

Woman’s encounter with tribe that killed John Chau was entirely different 27 years ago

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A few weeks back, the world was granted a pretty f**ken savage reminder that the Sentinelese people of North Sentinel Island in the bay of Bengal don’t want you to come door-knocking. No sh*t, this ‘primitive’ tribe d...

Bloke’s missus cheated on him & begged to have him back, instead he wrote this song

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Relationships are fickle things. Sometimes you can go from thinking the sun literally shines out of someone’s arse to paying a hitman to take them out for you. Not that we speak from experience, it’s just that er, yea...

Pornhub’s top ten searches for 2018 show just how f*cked this year was

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You can tell alot about a person by what they listen to, what they eat and hell, even what they wear. But nothing tells you more about someone than what Porn they watch, and lucky for us Pornhub has us sorted! Wit...

Santa rips off beard and tells kids to ‘get the f*ck out’ in huge grotto meltdown

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Some actors take their craft pretty seriously. The history of the Oscars is the history of actors who’ve totally blurred the boundaries between their real-life personality and the character they’re playing in their la...

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HBO drop the first Game Of Thrones trailer for season 8

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G’day, ya big bloody dickheads, we hope you’re feeling pumped, because we sure as hell are. That’s because it gives us great pleasure to ask you one simple question: have ya seen the teaser trailer for the new season ...

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Netflix leak reveals release date for Black Mirror season 5

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When it comes to modern science-fiction anthologies, not many do it better than Black Mirror. The show’s become one of Netflix’s best genre-offerings, and it appeals to people from all walks of life. Blending the soci...

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Netflix to feature “choose your own adventure” episode of Black Mirror

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Remember Choose Your Own Bloody Adventure Stories? We f**ken do. And make no mistake, they were the bloody tits! And, according to Netflix, it seems we’re not the only ones. The streaming TV giant has announced that s...

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Vegetarian dog embarrasses the f*ck out of his owner on live TV

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G’day, ya wankers, how are ya? Hopefully you’re doing bloody grouse, and if you’re not, this video should cheer you right up. It’s a supposedly vegetarian dog making a really tough choice: bowl of meat or bowl of vegg...

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Introducing the Japanese game show: “Two Girls One Cockroach”

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All right, two things. First of all, you probably know someone who is abso-f**ken-lutely not a fan of cockroaches, and would rather walk on hot bloody coals than be in the same room as one. Secondly, Japan is f**ken c...

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Magician and flash mob audience convince bloke he has turned invisible

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All right, we all know invisibility is bullsh*t, but what would it take you to think it’s not? Rightio, whatever your answer there was, take it a step further: what would it take for you to believe that you’re invisib...