Uber passenger drives himself home from airport after driver was too drunk

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It’s probably fair to say Uber has had a decent few years. Yeah, they’ve had some hiccups and they’re not allowed to operate in some places, but in our neck of the woods at least, you don’t often hear folks say they’r...

Some of the creepiest moments in Reddit history

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G’day ya bloody larrikins. How the f**k are ya? Me, I’m good. I’ve just come out of a DEEP rabbit-warren of Reddit threads and I’m blinking in the sunlight. It’s nice to know you’re all out here because, f**k me dead,...

The 2018 Pornhub awards are here

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Awards ceremonies are an industry’s opportunity to pat each other on the back and say bravo on a job well done. Largely useless affairs such as the Oscars or the Golden Globes have descended into bloody fashion contes...

Jack Black’s celebration for receiving Hollywood star was brilliant

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Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Jack f**ken Black has carved his own specific niche in Hollywood. From Tenacious D to Anchorman, from School of Rock to Goosebumps, and from Kung Fu Panda to Be Kind Rewind, h...

Scientists have confirmed where you should go during a zombie apocalypse

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F**ken zombies! The walking dead! Skels! Shamblers! Biters! Lurkers! Whatever you wanna call ‘em, they’re a tonne of fun when it comes to fiction, and they always make for a great theoretical conversation about how yo...

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Vegetarian dog embarrasses the f*ck out of his owner on live TV

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G’day, ya wankers, how are ya? Hopefully you’re doing bloody grouse, and if you’re not, this video should cheer you right up. It’s a supposedly vegetarian dog making a really tough choice: bowl of meat or bowl of vegg...

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Introducing the Japanese game show: “Two Girls One Cockroach”

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All right, two things. First of all, you probably know someone who is abso-f**ken-lutely not a fan of cockroaches, and would rather walk on hot bloody coals than be in the same room as one. Secondly, Japan is f**ken c...

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Magician and flash mob audience convince bloke he has turned invisible

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All right, we all know invisibility is bullsh*t, but what would it take you to think it’s not? Rightio, whatever your answer there was, take it a step further: what would it take for you to believe that you’re invisib...

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There is a real life Kwik-E-Mart store from The Simpsons now open

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I’m pretty sure we’ve said this before, but The Simpsons is abso-f**ken-lutely a cultural institution. If you don’t believe me, put it this way – for many, many people, The Simpsons has been a more consistent feature ...

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest prank is his most ridiculous yet

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There’s a lot of talk about Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest series, Who is America? right now, and with stunts and pranks as over the bloody top and as ridiculously outlandish as the complete f**ken gem he pulled on a coup...

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Jimmy Kimmel asks Americans to name “any” country on a map

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We’re not going to beat around the bush here. As Ozzys, we have to deal with stereotypes that suggest we swear too f**ken much, swill beer like it’s going out of fashion, and wrestle snakes and crocodiles for a living...