Jumbo jet pilot shares incredible pictures that he’s taken from the cockpit

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For many people, the idea of getting a shot of a grand vista means climbing up a mouldy old mountain or driving up to the nearest lookout and enjoying an overpriced coffee with an overpriced bucket of chips. And yeah,...

Pizza deliverers, tradies and doctors reveal the closest they’ve come to a real life porno scene

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Usually reserved for the more well-endowed gents and larger-canned ladies, starring in a porno remains a pipe-dream for most of us. Aside from snapping off the occasional piece of selfie-erotica, most of us fail to en...

Marvel Actors And Fans Pouring Tributes To Comic Book Legend Stan Lee

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This morning, the face and co-creator of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, passed at the age of 95. As you can imagine, tributes are pouring in, and there’s a bloody good reason for that. He just might have been the most loved...

The Internet is raining Trump memes after he cancelled a visit to a WWI cemetery

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Poor old President Donald Trump just can’t seem to catch a break can he? If he’s not being called a racist because of his history of saying racist things, being called a liar because of his history of lying, or being ...

Eric Chien’s champion magic trick is f*cken outrageously good

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F**k me, holy f**ken sh*tballs and f**ken hell, get a load of this cheeky wizard c**t and his straight-up epic magic trick. Deadset, Eric Chien, the bloke behind this one is absolutely, positively, stupendously good a...

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Netflix to feature “choose your own adventure” episode of Black Mirror

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Remember Choose Your Own Bloody Adventure Stories? We f**ken do. And make no mistake, they were the bloody tits! And, according to Netflix, it seems we’re not the only ones. The streaming TV giant has announced that s...

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Vegetarian dog embarrasses the f*ck out of his owner on live TV

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G’day, ya wankers, how are ya? Hopefully you’re doing bloody grouse, and if you’re not, this video should cheer you right up. It’s a supposedly vegetarian dog making a really tough choice: bowl of meat or bowl of vegg...

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Introducing the Japanese game show: “Two Girls One Cockroach”

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All right, two things. First of all, you probably know someone who is abso-f**ken-lutely not a fan of cockroaches, and would rather walk on hot bloody coals than be in the same room as one. Secondly, Japan is f**ken c...

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Magician and flash mob audience convince bloke he has turned invisible

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All right, we all know invisibility is bullsh*t, but what would it take you to think it’s not? Rightio, whatever your answer there was, take it a step further: what would it take for you to believe that you’re invisib...

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There is a real life Kwik-E-Mart store from The Simpsons now open

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I’m pretty sure we’ve said this before, but The Simpsons is abso-f**ken-lutely a cultural institution. If you don’t believe me, put it this way – for many, many people, The Simpsons has been a more consistent feature ...

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest prank is his most ridiculous yet

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There’s a lot of talk about Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest series, Who is America? right now, and with stunts and pranks as over the bloody top and as ridiculously outlandish as the complete f**ken gem he pulled on a coup...