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Woman Who Went Commando On Fun Fair Ride Panics As She Loses Her Pants

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Are you planning a fun and semi-romantic date to a carnival or local fair? Have you considered telling your significant other to ensure they wear underwear, or are you planning for some easy-access fun? Apparently if ...

50 Cent Makes Fun Of A Bloke Working A Job

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You really know how to be a cunt to the little people ey 50 Cent? It looks like Mr Half Dollar has deleted this video from his Instagram, but it's being uploaded to YouTube. We'll now wait and see how the wanker mana...

Fake Bear Chases Unknown Actor On Snowboard, Media Are Like Flies On Sh*t

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Oh get fucked with "viral" marketing. Get fair dinkum fucked. What the hell is this "Snowboarder Girl Gets Chased By Bear" video gonna end up being an advert for? Or will it just be a hoax...*cynical voice* for fun. ...

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