Couple watches on as cruise ship leaves them stranded in the Bahamas

Couple watches on as cruise ship leaves them stranded in the Bahamas

F**ken travelling isn’t always everything it’s cracked up to be. While the destinations are usually pretty f**ken schmick, you can’t usually say the same about the transit part. Yeah, nah, that part’s usually pretty f**ked. There’s the waiting around in various ports of departure, the pushy-shovey people, the cramped and confined spaces, and of course, the time frames. Those f**kers can be a killer, particularly if you’re the kind of person who’s usually a tardy b**tard. Just ask this couple who missed their cruise ship’s departure time in the Bahamas.

Credit: ViralHog

We’re probably not stretching too much of a limb to suggest that most of you have probably missed a bus or a train at some point in time. S**t, some of you have probably missed a flight too. It’s why we have the saying ‘s**t happens.’ Because it does.

“F**ken wait!” Credit: ViralHog

Anyway, the couple in this video are supposed to be on the f**k-off big cruise ship that’s just getting ready to leave when they rock up. As part of the seven day Bahamas tour, they had some time to enjoy the tropical island of Nassau. And they really must have been enjoying it, because despite being told that final boarding was at 3.30, they didn’t show till almost an hour later.

“Yeah, we’re s’posed to to be on there, f**k ya!” Credit: ViralHog

That meant that despite their attempts to wave down the ship, attract the attention of the crew and get their arses on there, they were forced to watch it pull away from port without them. There are conflicting reports as to whether they’d have had help getting home or whether they’d just have to suck it up, but it must be f**ken devastating to see the ship so close you can almost touch it, but not be able to get on board.

“Ah, f**k.” Credit: ViralHog

F**k that.

Final thought: There’s really only one message here. Don’t be f**king late to your ports of departure when you’re travelling. They might be bloody boring, but it’s better safe than sorry. Just take your bloody kindle and make the most of it.

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