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Sheilas Go Viral For Face Swapping A Fun Boob

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I enjoy a set of Fun Boobs. The term "Fun Boobs" is something I coined back in the days of reviewing Game of Thrones Season 4. We'd been seeing a lot of depressed boobs in TV and media (i.e boobs involved in rape sc...

Young Aussie Fellas Catch Massive Mudcrabs For Lunch

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The TarraDarraBros on YouTube have caught a nice feed in their latest video. This is the first time I've seen their channel and they have a collection of mint videos on there. They even show ya how to cook up your c...

Sheila Decides To Stop Slapping Her Bloke

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The YouTube channel Filme Da Hora has made a video called No More Slapping. It's a short and sweet exploration of how slapping blokes in film has become normalised and rather unscrutinised. You can actually go into a...