These are some of the biggest bathroom design fails we’ve seen

Credit: Pleasehatethesethings

These are some of the biggest bathroom design fails we’ve seen

Have you considered just what it is that’s so awesome about a swish bloody bathroom? Considering they’re basically a glorified place for us to wash the crud out of our arse-cracks, soak our balls in steaming hot water and twist out some licorice, we often see them as a place that’s gotta be just perfect. Of course, everyone has their own interpretation of what’s perfect. On top of that, you have to make do with the space – and funds – you have available. And that means not every bathroom is worthy of an episode of Cribs.

Credit: Pleasehatethesethings

Have a bloody geez at some of these bathrooms and we reckon you’ll be face-palming harder than Captain Picard on a bad day. Honestly, from garish colours to questionable layouts and textual features to strange aesthetic features, these bathrooms are a cavalcade of dodgy choices.

Credit: Pleasehatethesethings

See, bathrooms like this are exactly what we’re talking about. We don’t know which serial killer’s dunny-room this is, but bloody hell. When you get invited in there, you know you’re about to die.

Credit: Pleasehatethesethings

We really can’t see a problem with this. Some people like a bidet when they’re done laying cable. We reckon this is the ultimate in morning efficiency. Two birds. One stone. Win bloody win.

Yeah, look, the carpet by the shower’s probably a questionable decision.

Credit: Quinny_bob

Yeah, nah, call the builders. Get ’em back. That should be a capital offence. Bugger me sideways.

Credit: notthatmadmax

Again, we reckon this is a great case of problem solving. Can’t see a problem with this. At. All.

Credit: Pleasehatethesethings

This might just be the scariest thing we’ve ever seen. That conch is made infinitely more terrifying by the steady trickle of water pouring out of it. You know you’re only one bad dream away from blood coming out of that thing.

Credit: nativeproperties

No one ever said Cinderella wasn’t an eighteen-foot giantess.

Credit: noisecomplex

Again, we’re not sure what the problem is. Who hasn’t wanted to bathe in a place like that.

Credit: harpyann

“I’m a tall man. Put the faucet as high as you possibly can!”

Credit: notasabretooth

Let’s be honest, this is perfect for cases of extreme splashback.

Credit: Pleasehatethesethings

This is just hoping that someone slips on the tiles. Surely.

Credit: radio_jake

Now, this is all well and good, and it’s a great way to cut back on costs, but what do you do when you’re travelling with the boys and not your missus?

Credit: ancientflowers

Again, this solves the hardest problem showers provide. Making eye-contact with others while you wash your chocolate starfish.

Credit: jintanjafora

If that’s not inspired by a puzzle-game, we don’t know what it.

Final thought: Look, at the end of the day, some of us have nice bathrooms with spas, subway tiles and rainwater faucets while others live in mould-infested steam-rooms with collections of pubes so thick they can be mistaken for bathmats. We reckon each to their own and do what make you happy. What do you blokes and blokettes want in a bathroom?

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