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Honest Trailers Gives The Walking Dead An Honest Remix

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I love the YouTube channel Screen Junkies. They've been making gold content for years now. They released a new honest trailer for The Walking Dead Seasons 4 to 6 last week. It's an absolute ripper. For those of you ...

Game of Thrones Just Teased The Sh*t Out Of Me

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If there's one thing that is known... It's that HBO and the GoT show-runners love to tease the shit out of their fans. ASoIaF author George R.R Martin writes brutal shit, he does a lot of fake-outs in regards to char...

Game of Thrones Season Six: 20 New Still Images

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It's definitely time for the hype machine to kick in for Game of Thrones season six. I'm hanging out for a trailer big time. For anyone clicking through here from FB who doesn't know about my GoT reviews... Check 'em...

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