Twitter responds to Jimmy Fallon asking what they’re doing while in quarantine


Twitter responds to Jimmy Fallon asking what they’re doing while in quarantine

Love or hate Jimmy Fallon, you can’t say that the bloke doesn’t get his audience interacting well. Now, with most of the US on lockdown, the talk-show host is so bored he’s started finding out what other people are doing to relieve their boredom, and some of the results are pretty f**ken amusing. If you’re looking for ways to amuse yourself, have a look at some of these and see if they get your own mind working…

As you can imagine, when Fallon took to Twitter to ask his fans what they were doing to alleviate their quarantine boredom, they responded in droves.

Credit: Twitter/@JimmyFallon

And, fair dinkum, there’s some pretty creative s**t going on. Don’t get us wrong, not everything on the list is gold, but we wouldn’t mind giving a few of these ideas a burl. In particular, we’ve got mad respect for ideas like scaring the s**t out of randoms with a walkie talkie.

Credit: Twitter/@cheekycherry

Credit: Twitter/@BAM_Knows

Credit: Twitter/@zinnia_joy

Credit: Twitter/@bananafishball

Naturally, a few folks are letting their creativity shine – and it’s a pretty f**ken good time to be focusing on something creative if you ask us – while others are getting industrious and taking the place of buggered up printers, catching up on their laundry, and clearing spam out of their inbox.

Credit: Twitter/@MollysMommy42

Credit: Twitter/@dhygiene21

Credit: Twitter/@TracyinRealLife

Credit: Twitter/@mtrplntd

Credit: Twitter/@wheresEwaldo

Finally, you’ve got the folks who are just having a laugh. Deadset, these are the ones it’s easiest to relate to. Why wouldn’t you be using the time to have some fun?

Credit: Twitter/@ALowerLeavell


Credit: Twitter/@dhygiene21

Credit: Twitter/@RyanBartholomee

Credit: Twitter/@laceyfran

Final thought: We’re just gonna go ahead and steal the idea. We reckon you blokes and blokettes out there in the comments section are probably managing your own boredom in some pretty interesting ways, so why don’t you let us know what you’re up to. Load up the comments section with your own coping mechanisms. You might also want to check this s**t out to see if there are any ideas you haven’t thought of!

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