Girl survives lethal tiger-snake bite using Comedian Russell Coight’s advice

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Girl survives lethal tiger-snake bite using Comedian Russell Coight’s advice

You blokes and blokettes know we all bloody love a proper ocker outdoorsman here at Ozzy Man Reviews, and while we all reckon that Steve Irwin was the best of them, another bloke who comes pretty close to his standard is Russell bloody Coight. Yeah, nah, this proper f**ken legend is a top-notch adventurer too. Even if his show is a parody and he’s just a character played by Glenn Robbins, he can still save lives. Just ask little Grace from Geelong.

Deadset, no bulls**t, and no word of a f**ken lie, this tough little chick just survived an attack from a lethal tiger snake, and she credits Russell Coight, Robbins’s iconic character, for saving her life. Grace, who’s only nine, was catching lizards in the backyard, when she got f**ked on by the b**tard.

Credit: 7 News

Tiger snakes are terrifying little f**kers, and their venom sees them landing amongst the world’s most venemous snakes. Untreated, 40 – 60 per cent of people bitten by them kick the bucket, so for Grace to have played it as cool as she did is a legendary move.

Her mum, Louisa, told 3AW Radio, “She had been watching and catching lizards most of the morning, so she went to the sound, thinking it was a lizard, but it was a really large tiger snake curled up. It was rearing up and hissing at her and as she jumped back, it bit her on the foot. I asked Grace to stay calm and not move, but she told me: ‘It’s okay, Mum, I know what to do because Russell Coight taught me. I need to stay calm, immobilise the leg and call for help.””

Credit: 7 News

While she was waiting for the ambos, Grace told her mum that she would ‘stay calm’ just like Russell Coight told her.

Later, Robbins, the comedian behind Coight hopped onto the chat show and spoke to Grace. “I just want to say congrats on your great work and following all the rules I’ve set out. It’s very, very great. Do you think perhaps your mum might want to nominate me for Australian of the year?”

Credit: 7 News

Deadset, it’s almost worth getting bitten to have a chat with the big fella himself.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, be careful out there ya legends, we’re approaching the time of year when the snakes are active, and although they won’t go out of their way to give you a bit of a nip, they’ll still f**ken smash you if they have to. If you see one, back off, and don’t go trying to attack it. That’s just asking for trouble. As for Grace, what a little legend. This top sheila award is all hers!

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