Richie Jackson’s Skateboarding Is Innovative As F*ck

Richie Jackson’s Skateboarding Is Innovative As F*ck

It’s nice to see folks that come along every once in a while and freshen something up.

I hadn’t heard of Richie Jackson before, but this video has been circulating over the last few days and it’s a bloody beauty.

Just when ya thinkin’ the world of skateboarding might feel a bit samey same or stale or already has set moves in place to learn…this bloke comes along and makes up a whole bunch of new shit.

It’s fair dinkum sensational.

There’s nothing too death defying or insane going on. The moves really just make ya go “ha, hells yeah, that’s bloody cool.” There’s a simplicity and creativity that’s awesome and entertaining.

Check out the video embedded below:

I like the brief analysis of the video from Thrasher magazine:

“Richie reminds us that there are no rules in skateboarding. Choose your own adventure.” 

Gotta love a bit of choose your own adventure in whatever you do in life.