These hidden messages on common products are bloody awesome

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If there’s one thing that’s always sure to light up your day, put a smile on your dial and imbue you with a sense of wonder, it’s got to be a secret message. At the end of the day, we’re social creatures and finding o...

The comedy of errors behind Warrnambool’s new wombat mural

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Some things are just meant to happen. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever you want, but when circumstances conspire to create something awesome – like the Warrnambool wombat – you’ve just gotta nod your he...

EPL star’s new goal celebration has confused the Internet

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If you’ve been following the English Premier League over the last couple of years, you may well have heard of Dele Alli. The young star shot to fame when he transferred from lower league team MK Dons to Tottenham Hots...

Base jumper makes f*cken epic entrance to rooftop pool party

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G’day, ya legends. How are ya? Hopefully you’re feeling good and not like you wanna tell some prick to go and jump off a building. However, if you’re feeling a bit like giving someone their marching – and plummeting –...

A nutrition coach has destroyed a bunch of ‘healthy’ food myths

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It seems like everywhere you look these days there’s a new diet promising the world. Usually, these diets seem to have some sort of gimmick about them that supposedly makes them ground-breaking, revolutionary, or new....

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest prank is his most ridiculous yet

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There’s a lot of talk about Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest series, Who is America? right now, and with stunts and pranks as over the bloody top and as ridiculously outlandish as the complete f**ken gem he pulled on a coup...

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Jimmy Kimmel asks Americans to name “any” country on a map

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We’re not going to beat around the bush here. As Ozzys, we have to deal with stereotypes that suggest we swear too f**ken much, swill beer like it’s going out of fashion, and wrestle snakes and crocodiles for a living...

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Bernie Sanders tries to keep his cool as Sacha Baron Cohen trolls him in new show

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Sacha Baron Cohen, the mastermind of classic shows like Ali G and movies like Borat and Bruno, has just launched a new show. In typical fashion, it sees the infamous character actor get dressed up and troll the sh*t o...

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Mel B blows up after having her bum groped on The X Factor

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Fresh from our post about Andy Dick groping Ivanka Trump on television, we’ve got another one for ya. And I sh*t you not, I could almost repeat everything I said there in this article. Essentially, what we’ve got is a...

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The moment Andy Dick had to be removed from The Jimmy Kimmel Show for groping Ivanka Trump

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought the rule ‘hands and feet to yourself’ was a pretty good one. Generally speaking, unless someone wants you to share your extremities with them, you really shouldn’t – eve...

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Tupac murder suspect confesses further involvement after being diagnosed with cancer

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The death of hip-hop legend, Tupac, is one of the most infamous events in the history of not just hip-hop itself, but music in general. It’s been the subject of a fair few documentaries over the years, and loads of al...