Woman claims she has the “secret” to clearing up acne

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The beauty industry is full of bizarre and seemingly magical potions and concoctions that offer all sorts of benefits. Want better skin, drink this. Want fuller hair, spray this on it. Need whiter teeth, less zits or ...

Senegal fans celebrate World Cup victory by cleaning the stadium

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We’re all aware of the bullsh*t that sometimes goes on at football matches around the world. From the racist fans of teams like Chelsea in England to the stabby ones of teams like Napoli in Italy, bad news is the norm...

Top sheila does sign language for Eminem’s fastest rap and nails it

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At first thought, you don’t really consider that hearing-impaired blokes and sheilas rock up to big music events. But why the hell not? A lot of partially deaf folks can still pick up the idea of the song particularly...

Skateboarding Russian circus bear says “nah f**k you” and attacks its keepers

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Over the last few years, it seems like most of us in the civilised world have slowly come to the conclusion that circuses probably shouldn’t be travelling around, like Noah’s ark on wheels, with cages upon cages of wi...

Cop promises no arrest wants to ‘throw hands’ instead – actually follows through

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The police. These b*stards have a bloody tricky job on their hands. They’re supposed to help people from all walks of life, but that’s not always easy. Every now and then a cop just has to deal with someone who’s not ...

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Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down His Biggest Injuries

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Johnny Knoxville is one tough b*stard. If you’ve seen any of his stunts in Jackass, you probably suspect this, but listening to him break down his list of injuries in a video for Vanity Fair isn’t just intriguing, it’...

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Top Bloke Throws Party With Only Simpsons Foods On The Menu

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The Simpsons is more than just a television show, it’s a cultural landmark. It’s more than a show you can quote random lines from, it’s a universal reference point for an entire generation, and it’s more than just ano...

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Mum Creates Child Friendly Story of Daenerys From Game of Thrones

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Loving Literature and wanting to share your favourite stories with your loved ones and children can be tough when your kids are young and the books you love have some racy or violent plotlines.  That’s why this mot...

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Kit Harington Uses Gory Game of Thrones Prop To Prank Fiance

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I tell you what: I bloody love a freaking awesome prank. I’ve told you in the past how I’ve played a few good ones on the missus (it helps that she’s a bit jumpy) but this one from Kit Harington, who plays everyone’s ...

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Daenerys’ Hair Changes Demonstrates The Show’s Incredible Attention To Detail

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Ah, geez, it’s been way too long since we wrote about Game of bloody Thrones on Ozzyman Reviews.  But while I’m busy catching up on the last season of Ash vs The Evil Dead and eagerly awaiting The Punisher, the intern...

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Breakfast TV Hosts Lose Their Sh*t After Nudist Interview Goes Wrong

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Nudists. Apparently, they’re a real thing. And for some reason they were on the Today show this week. To me, that’s just bizarre. It’s live television. Anything could have gone wrong. And of course, it did. ...