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Honest Trailers Gives The Walking Dead An Honest Remix

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I love the YouTube channel Screen Junkies. They've been making gold content for years now. They released a new honest trailer for The Walking Dead Seasons 4 to 6 last week. It's an absolute ripper. For those of you ...

Bloody Awkward Interview With A 110-Year-Old Human

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Some people are capable of living very, very, very long fucken lives. Meet Flossie Dickey. She's 110 years old and doesn't give a solitary shit about celebrating her birthday. The local news anchor for Good Day Spok...

How The Venom Of A Box Jellyfish Stops Your Heart

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Lots of international folks in the Ozzy Man community are always intrigued (and terrified) when it comes to Australian wildlife. Allow me to introduce you to the Box Jellyfish if you're not already familiar with thes...

Sheila Decides To Stop Slapping Her Bloke

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The YouTube channel Filme Da Hora has made a video called No More Slapping. It's a short and sweet exploration of how slapping blokes in film has become normalised and rather unscrutinised. You can actually go into a...

GRAPHIC: Brutal Shark Attack Caught On Camera

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This video surfaced online about a week ago, but I've just stumbled upon it this arvo. We go through phases in Western Australia where we get a fair few sharks cruising around the beaches. It's always a tense time. ...