An English Council Zoom meeting descends into bloody chaos after argument

Credit: Handforth Parish Council

An English Council Zoom meeting descends into bloody chaos after argument

If there’s one real joy in life, it’s certainly not meetings. Yeah, nah, whether it’s work, an organisation you’re involved in, or some other ‘official’ business, there’s nothing as soul-draining as a meeting. If that meeting is on Zoom, it’s somehow even worse, particularly if you’ve got one person in charge of allowing and ejecting attendees from the call. Similarly, it’s never good when you’ve got a bunch of people who disagree with that person’s claim to authority. Unless you’re watching as a neutral party, that is. Deadset, there’s a reason Handforth Parish Council’s chaotic Zoom meeting has gone viral. Check it out…

Okay, we’re not gonna pretend we even fully understand the context of this Zoom meeting, and we’re not sure you care, but just for the record, the meeting was held on December 10, and it’s been viewed more than a million times since it went viral last week.

We won’t go through everything you can see in the full video, but while the meeting’s running, no one’s turned their mic off, there are phone-calls happening, and there’s a whole lot of bickering.

The highlight of the whole thing, though, is undoubtedly Jackie Weaver, who wields the boot button with reckless abandon. Yeah, nah, you can almost picture here as old Jasper in The Simpsons. “Laughing out of place, that’s a booting. Disagreeing with me, that’s a booting. Questioning my authority? You’d better believe that’s a booting.”

Anyway as she tries to call the meeting into order, one man in particular, Council chair Brian Tolver asks, “Can we be assured that we won’t be thrown out of the meeting like we were last time?”

“As long as we have reasonable behaviour from everyone, no one would be excluded from the meeting,” Ms Weaver said.

And then the chaos begins, prompting Weaver to point out that she will have to remove disruptive people from the meeting.

Tolver takes the bait. “It’s only the chairman who can remove people from a meeting,” Mr Tolver he snapsback. “You have no authority here Jackie Weaver. No authority at all.”

Without even a blink, Weaver boots that f**ker out of the meeting. We’d love to have seen his reaction, but from there, things get worse and worse as outraged council-members laugh, joke, and shout their opinions at Weaver.

In the midst of it all, she’s calmly clicking the boot button and removing them from the call. Once it’s all said and done, and only the calm councillors are left, she calls for a new vote for chairman and asks them to refer to her as Britney Spears. It’s made her an online hero, and caused her to trend for hours.

Check out the full footage below.

Final thought: Some say that Weaver is still removing people from calls right now. Anyway, let us know what you think of this and if you can relate.

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