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Incredible Details Of A U-Shaped Skyscaper Set For NYC Have Been Unveiled

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New York is to become home of the longest building in the world. Not the biggest mind you, but the longest. The unusual building is going to be called “The Big Bend”, which will look a bit like an enormous pap...

Body Cam Footage Leaked Of Police Officers Getting Shot In Intense Gun Battle

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Sometimes you just don’t know what’s around the corner. You could be walking down the street and a bus could hit you. You could be getting some money out at a cash machine and you could get robbed. Life is and always ...

Footballer Who Accidentally Thanked Wife And Girlfriend In An Interview Digs Even Bigger Hole

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Fellas, the number one rule out there for blokes with a side chick is to make sure that they NEVER EVER FIND OUT ABOUT EACH OTHER. It’s the simple and effective guys (some of us anyway) have been having their cake and...

Massive F*ck Off Spider Found In Australia Has A Horrifying Secret

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I’d look away right now if spiders freak you the fuck out. Here in Australia we have big bastard spiders called Huntsmans that like to live with you in your own home. The fellas can grow pretty big and can easily get ...

Gym Bro Takes On Guy With Martial Arts Training, Regrets It Instantly

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Whilst I don't condone violence, watching someone lose a fight is always somewhat satisfying when the person who got wrecked is either: 1. An idiot 2. Drunk 3. A Gym Bro who thinks they can fight 'cause muscles a...

Idiot Decides To Dress Up In A T-Rex Costume To See How An Alligator Would Respond

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For a while now people have been doing crazy stuff in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume with hilarious results. Even every day activities are a lot funnier if someone is dressed up as one of those pre-historic dinosaurs....

Sports Presenter Draws Detailed Penis On Live TV

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During a recent sports show in Hungary, a man had a little too much fun when he was presenting a segment on hockey. You know those new TV screens that presenters use where you can pause live games, slow-mo certain ...

Villagers Cut Open Crocodile To Find Devoured Small Boy Inside

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Deep in Zimbabwe people have to fear for their lives from all sorts of wild animals. The crocodile is one I am familiar with and you cannot take these big bastards lightly. Unfortunately it’s a way of life in Zimbabwe...

Hugh Jackman Reveals His “Don’t Try This At Home” For ‘Logan’

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Hugh Jackman is an absolute beast. If you know anything about the Australian-born actor and singer then you know he’s taken on some hardcore action roles over the course of his career. Hunting scores of blood suck...

Woman Crashes Her Car Into A Gas Station, Goes Off And Chases Guys Filming Her

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It must be pretty embarrassing driving straight into a gas station and crashing through the front window. I mean, I can’t really understand how that happened in the first place, but that’s another story entirely. The ...

“When Your Gun Instructor Shouldn’t Be A Gun Instructor”.

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A gun instructor almost blew his face off when a .44 Magnum discharged right next to his head. In the video you can see him trying to teach a few young blokes about the importance of gun safety. You’d hope he knows wh...

New Research Reaches F*cking Awesome Conclusion About People Who Swear

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I f*cking knew it! People say that people who swear are as dumb as bricks, but I always knew better. Everyone knows I swear a f*ck load, and science says it’s because I’m smart. How about that! We all know that...

Ozzy Man and Mozza: Drunkest Guy Ever

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Me mate Mozza and I commentate the drunkest guy ever trying to buy more beer. Bloody intense shit. Unedited 11 minute source video is here: https://youtu.be/Z2XeVs4wqdE Music: Hans Zimmer - The Rock Main Them...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Bunny vs Dogs

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Me commentary on some dodgy dogs vs a rabbit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V56DiadYoU

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in February 2017

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Me critical analysis of the month of February 2017. Nokia 3310, Pot Sasquatch roaming the streets, pewdiepie vs wall street journal, and a sensation fuck up at the oscars. All source links are below ey. Fair Dinku...