Aussie Prime Minister’s department withdraws ‘d-ck and balls’ logo for Women’s Network

Aussie Prime Minister’s department withdraws ‘d-ck and balls’ logo for Women’s Network

There’s no beating around the bush here, when it comes to the treatment of women in this country, Scomo and Australia’s Government of the Day have cocked it up time and time again. Yeah, nah, this lot really seem to struggle with taking women seriously, with treating them respectfully, and with not operating like a ‘toxic boy’s club’. So, basically, no one was surprised when the Women’s Network logo was revealed and it looked like a dick and balls.

To be fair, we know some of this is coming across as a bit harsh, and we do like to give the benefit of the doubt, but not only did this thing look like a dick and balls, it was the colour of a bloody emoji eggplant. It’s so ostentatiously supposed to be a cock, that you just know someone deliberately made it to f**k with Scomo.

Naturally, the thing went viral pretty quickly, and Scomo, who frequently trends on Twitter under #dickhead and is possibly most famous for s**tting himself in Engadine Maccas, has come under fire again. For obvious reasons.

As you can imagine, someone has finally seen sense and put the bloody thing away. The Department of the Prime Minister claimed the Prime Minister was not involved in making the logo, presumably because there wasn’t a photo opportunity for him, and have said they would remove the logo from their site.

Naturally, women in Australian politics took the opportunity to flog the logo, highlighting that it was just another example of this government’s inability to see women as equal.

Greens Senator Larissa Waters said, “Sure, it’s just a logo, but if you needed a visual representation of just how completely out of touch the PM is with Australian women you honestly couldn’t do any better.”

Final thought: Seriously, this whole thing had to be a stitch-up, right? Right? Surely, somewhere along the line, someone had to go, “Yeah, nah, that’s a dick and balls.” Anyway, have your say on the logo in the Facebook comments. See you there.

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