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Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in April 2016

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Johnny Depp and Amber held at gunpoint, Jimbo and Gary the Goat putting up with Kevin, and construction workers in China gone wild. WTF Happened in April fuckers!

Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 1

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And we're back! Me review of Game of Thrones S6 Episode 1 The Red Woman is bloody done. Enjoy. Support me: Fair Dinkum Use Music: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride Lovin' Spoonf...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Black Cat & Big Fuck Off Rat

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Me commentary on a daring Russian rat who took on a mob of cats, plus the unlikely union that formed in the aftermath. Source video: M...

Ozzy Man’s The Lives of Animals – Volume 5

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I continue taking a fascinating look at the lives of various animals in this special wildlife series. Source links below. Fair Dealing. ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: AFL vs Soccer Big Hit

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Me critical analysis of a big hit in AFL yesterday and a big very similar hit in soccer from the past... (Stefan Martin didn't go to hospital after the hit, but did take a cheeky sit down in the dug out.) Video on ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Vikings Best Fight S4 + Loot Crate

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Commentary on me favourite Vikings fight in Season 4 so far. Join me email list for soon to be monthly updates from Ozzy's desk: Loot Crate:

Ozzy Man Reviews: Godzilla vs Godzilla

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Me running commentary on a mini Godzilla lizard fight plus meta analysis of the moving picture franchise. Insta, Snap, Twitter: @ozzymanrevie...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Ibiza [Feat. Mozza]

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Got fucken Mozza back in for a review of Ibiza. Cunt doesn't even know how to pronounce it. Support my low-cost humour: Insta, Snap, Twitter:...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Thrilling Marble Race

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Big high five and fuck yes to Jelle's who has been making these cool racing vids for a while: Twitter, Insta, Snap @ozzymanreviews ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: People Fucked Up By Bulls

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Me critical analysis of people getting fucked up running with the bulls in Spain (EDIT: Nah, Portugal by the sounds! Cheers). Some bloody big hits taken here ey. http://www.facebook...

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in March 2016

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My review of WTF Happened in March 2016. Weather bra slip obsession, McGregor v Diaz, keanu shredding, uber abuse, the works! Twitter, Snap, I...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Batman V Superman [SPOILERS]

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Here is my spoiler review of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. Support my channel on Patreon: Blog fun times: Insta, T...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Maddie Sparkle Supercut

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I continue my exploration into the world of pole dancing and analyse the athleticism of Sydney dancer Maddie Sparkle. Top shit. Twitter, Insta...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Manliest Fight Ever

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Here's me commentary for PRIDE FC 21 MMA fight between Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama. Manliest fight ever. Twitter, Insta, Snap: @ozzymanrev...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Lioness Mind Games

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My critical analysis of a dysfunctional relationship in South Africa. Satire/Parody Fair Dealing. Original video via Kruger National Park: Somewhat of a sequel to this video I narrated ...