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Ozzy Man Reviews: When Animals Fight Back

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Me commentary of when animals fight back and have bloody had enough. (Bit of an oldie that was uploaded to FB earlier in the year, worth having here too). Cheers!

The Best of Ozzy Man Reviews 2016

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That was the year that was... 2016. Here's some of the classic Ozzy Man commentary moments from 2016. Call it Ozzy Man Rewind. Sport, wildlife, WTF, game of thrones. What a time to be alive mate. Teespring campaign: ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Canadian Bumper Cars

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Me commentary on the Canada bumper cars in Montreal. Winter has come. Source video via Storyful. Please email for more details on the original video. Cheers! http:/...

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in November 2016

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Me recap on WTF happened in November. The U.S election came to a close, the mannequin challenge was everywhere, and women have been confirmed as being capable of farts. Source vids below. ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Man Punches Kangaroo

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Me cheeky commentary on the Man vs Roo shit storm. Video from ViralHog - Check out the source video with Greg's narration for the truer side of the story: seems to ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Ice Hockey vs Soccer

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Me critical analysis of ice hockey vs soccer. Check out for T-shirts and Hoodies. I have a twitter I never mention as well ey - @OzzyManReviews Music: DVDA - Now You're A Man Drop Zo...

Ozzy Man Plays Skyrim Special Edition

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Here's some highlights from me Skyrim SE adventures. I bloody went to town on the mods on Xbox One over the last few weeks. Visit for a good time. Support directly:

Ozzy Man Reviews: Women’s Exercises

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Me critical analysis of women's exercises. Fascinating, compelling viewing. Oi, check out ey. Twitter: @OzzyManReviews (same for instagram) Patreon: ht...

Ozzy Man Reviews: British Biscuit Dunking

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Me critical analysis of bungee jumping and dunking ya biscuit into ya tea. Probably the most British thing ever. Cheers, Ozzy Man Twitter @OzzyManReviews Launched me shop! http://ww...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones – Season 1 Episode 9

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Me retro reviewing of GoT between seasons continues slowly, sporadically, but surely. If you're interested in Loot Crates next crate (will have GoT merchandise) use the the URL:

Ozzy Man Reviews: Iguana vs Snakes – Planet Earth 2

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Me commentary on a thrilling scene between a hatchling iguana and a pack of racer snakes. This is from BBC's Planet Earth 2. They've uploaded the source video here: Now screening week...

Ozzy Man Reviews: Homewrecker Penguin Fight

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Me commentary on one of the most brutal fights in recent times. Penguin vs penguin for the love of a sheila. Source video via Nat Geo Channel. Link is below. Fair Dealing - Parody, Satire, Commentary, Review. Nat ...

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in October 2016

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Me critical analysis of WTF Happened in October. This episode is titled Death, Politics & Arse. Cordially, Ozzy Man. Sources below. Support:

Ozzy Man Reviews: Seal With Big Dreams

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Me commentary on an epic moment from BBC's The Hunt. 100% fair dinkum brilliant viewing experience that doco. Fair Dealing - parody, satire, shit stirring.

Ozzy Man’s The Lives of Animals – Volume 6

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The Lives of Animals is back after a short hiatus! Support me vids: All source links credited below. Fair Dealing - Parody, Satire, Review, Commentary