World’s first A.I blowjob toy “AutoBlow” is now available for purchase

World’s first A.I blowjob toy “AutoBlow” is now available for purchase

Back in December last year, we bought you the news that the AutoBlow Artificial Intelligence penis sucking machine was ready to be developed, after climaxing 500% well above their Crowdfunding financial target. That’s old news, but you can check it out here if ya want. 

We are onto the next phase now lads, what a brilliant time to be a bloke in the robotic tech age. Put down your old silicone lips and fake prosthetic vaginas, cause we are about to launch ya, warp speed into high tech BJ territory quicker than a sneeze through a fly screen.


These Canadians from have developed a product for those blokes that may not be able to get Lipstick on the Dipstick in the traditional way. They discovered that there are 16 building blocks involved in getting the perfect hummer and claim that their extensive research will have all your bases covered.

Credit: via YouTube

Easy to use too ay, just pop your man grizzle into the silicone sleeve, push a button and sit back and relax. But don’t confuse the ease of use with a basic product… Yeah nah, it’s scientific as f**k.

Half a dozen people watched hours and hours of blow job videos to collect what I like to refer to as “c**k calculations.” The data collected was then used to simulate the unpredictable-ness that comes from receiving a gobby from a real human.

yeah, nah, serious research here….

Credit: via Youtube

If you’re someone that doesn’t enjoy getting balls deep in a man crutch, problem solved, with this fantastic little toy as a birthday or Christmas prezzie. There’s a number of speeds and settings to satisfy even the pickiest bloke. Haha yeah nah, I don’t imagine too many blokes are picky when it comes to their knobs being polished.


Final Thought: We are living in astonishing times here people. I encourage everyone to do what makes them happy. And if you need a little tech to do that, more power to you and your protein pump.  And for only a couple hundred bucks a whack, not bad value I reckon. Check out the clip below, the details on “clean up” are not be missed. Very important information.