Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Trailer

Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones S6 Trailer

I would like to start this blog post off with some over-sharing…

I, Ozzy Man of House Man, from the River of Swan Clan in Perth, Straya…have…a… MASSIVE STIFFY. I mean I am hard as fuck. Absolute whopper of a throbbing erection right now.

The bogan geek within in me is very, very satisfied with this trailer for the new Thrones season.

I am sending huge respect to the show and HBO for ending on a bad-ass Davos moment. I love Davos. You could’ve ended on Tyrion saying something witty, or Arya becoming better at violence, but you ended on humble old Davos. Seriously cool.

I have done some commentary over the trailer for shits ‘n’ giggles plus a quick rundown on what I’m excited/concerned about. Nothing over the top. I save most of my critical analysing energy for the season.

Video is below:

It will be nice to visit the Greyjoys again as well. They were on the bench last season along with Bran Stark, so that’s cool.

I’m so intrigued as to what’s going to go down with Daenerys from this point as well. Absolutely no idea without the books for reference anymore.

I hope the Bolton’s don’t hang around too much longer to be honest. I think Ramsay is a bit over-rated as a villain. Sure, it’s hard to top Joffrey, but he just always seems too gimmicky for my liking.

Anyway, anyway… what do you guys reckon?

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