The ‘Human Hammer Throw’ Will Go Down As The Most Gangster Moment In MMA History

The ‘Human Hammer Throw’ Will Go Down As The Most Gangster Moment In MMA History

We bloody love MMA here at It has all the drama of wrestling with the added bonus of real punching. While wrestling might have a reputation for more colourful characters, that doesn’t mean you don’t get the odd lovable rascal in MMA. Just check out this classic human hammer throw from fighter Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett for evidence.

Sup bitches? Credit: Fightworld

Sup bitches? Credit: Fightworld

If you know your MMA, you know that Krazy Horse’s highlights reel is full of explosive knockouts, antagonistic sh*t-talking, and celebratory backflips!

Taking pride of place in the highlights reel is the highly unconventional human hammer throw you can watch in the video down below. We’re flashing right the f**k back to 2009 for this one, but it’s worth it. It was the Kings of the Cage: Legends Edition. Krazy Horse took on Anthony McDavitt.

Early in the contest, Krazy Horse found himself at McDavitt’s mercy. In true Krazy Horse fashion, he wasn’t worried at all. In fact, he had something cheeky in mind. Throwing a sneaky wink down the camera, he grappled his way into a better position.

"Dude, your balls smell like sh*t!" Credit: Fightworld

“Dude, your balls smell like sh*t!” Credit: Fightworld

Once he’d repositioned things, Bennett picked up his opponent. It’s kind of a really bizarre and calm piece of action considering Bennett’s often manic disposition. He throws a peace sign down the camera and starts swinging McDavitt around in circles – just like a Dad with his young son.

Once he’s close enough to the side of the cage, he does what no Dad should ever do. He f**ken launches McDavitt fair into the metal grill. It’s not the most powerful move, but for sheer entertainment, it’s right up there on par with anything you could see in the wrestling.

McDavitt isn’t quick enough getting back to his feet. As a result, he’s pummelled with an uppercut from Bennett.

"I'm gonna take these two fingers..." Credit: Fightworld

“I’m gonna take these two fingers…” Credit: Fightworld

Final thought: You can watch the throw on the video down below. McDavitt ends up with the victory, but there’s some fantastic moments to reminisce over – and the human hammer throw is just one of them. Check it out!

H/T: Raw Daily.