This Nigerian wedding went bloody ballistic when System of a Down was played

Credit: Will Njobvu

This Nigerian wedding went bloody ballistic when System of a Down was played

For a certain subsection of society, there’s no doubt that when it comes to music, no genre comes even close to touching the brilliance of metal. Of course, the genre isn’t for everyone, but you’ll never convince its fans that it’s not the pinnacle of music. And, with footage of wedding-goers in Nigeria rocking the f**k out to System of a Down’s Toxicity going viral, the band’s vocalist Serj Tankian has commented.

Before we get going, if you don’t know or haven’t heard System of a Down, you might want to unf**k that.

Seriously, start with the self-titled debut and work your way up.

You’ll probably figure out when to stop, but if you need a hint, it’s when the guitarist starts doing more and more of the vocals.

Anyway, the attendees at this Nigerian wedding – and we’re not sure why it matters that it’s Nigerian because metal at any wedding is cool as f**k – know where the good SOAD s**t is. Footage from the wedding shows them rocking out and banging their heads to the second-album-single Toxicity.

It’s gone viral on the internet, and Serj Tankian, the rubber-voiced man with the band’s microphone was bloody stoked with it. He retweeted the footage, and declared it ‘Simply awesome.’

We can’t disagree.

Of course, that’s not the only footage that’s gone viral from the wedding. There’s another clip doing the rounds where the wedding gets a bit heavier with some Asking Alexandria.

Whatever your take on the genre, you can’t deny that the fans at this wedding are pretty into it. Good s**t.

Final thought: Metal’s an interesting genre for the simple fact that it’s so massively popular while not really getting the airtime that other, more mainstream, genres get. Across the world, it remains one of the most played genres on Spotify, and we know there’s a whole community of metalheads out there in the comments section. Raise your horns, sound the f**k off, and let us know where you are!

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