Optical illusion shows hidden number – and everyone is seeing it differently

Credit: Benonwine

Optical illusion shows hidden number – and everyone is seeing it differently

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Even the haters who reckon these visual tricks are a load of bulls**t try them out. Yeah, nah, there’s no denying it. Everyone f**ken loves ‘em, and when a new one comes along, we all either get big stiffies or a bit moist in the muff. So, without further ado, let’s check out the latest one that’s come across our social media feeds…

All right, at first, it’s pretty f**ken simple: it’s a big circle full of swirls and angles and right there in the middle are some numbers. Of course, what numbers they are is in the eye of the beholder. Fair dinkum, depending on who you are, you might see different digits, and Twitter is bloody loving it.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen this one, now’s your chance. Have a squiz and write down the numbers you see. Once you’ve done that, read on, because we’re gonna f**ken spoil it for you.

Yeah, nah, yeah, we’re gonna spoil it. Apparently, the correct number is ‘3452839’. You might see only part of that, though. According to the Daily Mail, it works by f**king about with ‘contrast sensitivity, an important measure of visual function, which allows us to perceive the difference between objects and their backgrounds.’

Basically, they’ve messed with contrast and left the numbers on one level and the swirls on another. We’re not graphic designers, so we’re not sure exactly how they did that, but we’re sure someone out there in the comments section can explain it.

If you see all the numbers, you’ve probably got a high level of contrast sensitivity. If you’ve got a s**tty one, get your eyes checked. That might be a symptom of an eye condition. F**k me, that got dark quickly.

Final thought: Now, go back to that number you wrote down and share it in the Facey comments. We wanna know what you found. See you there, you legends!

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