PornHub Wins The Award For Scariest April Fool’s Day Prank Of All Time

PornHub Wins The Award For Scariest April Fool’s Day Prank Of All Time

So who here watches porn with their friends and beats off with all their mates in the room? I know the answer to that: no one. Absolutely f*cking no one. Why? Cos watching porn is an individual activity, and no one needs to know about what I’ve watched – whether it involves one midget or the usual two.


You can then imagine the horror then at unsuspecting people when they realise that their favourite site Porn Hub decided to prank them this April Fools Day. It’s normally a day when nothing is to be believed at first sight. It’s also harder to troll people as nowadays people are wiser to the antics of what is real and what is not.

That’s what makes Porn Hubs fool so good. Every time someone clicked on a video, a pop up would appear saying that the video had been shared to their Facebook page.

You can imagine my horror after casually going about my day and clicking on the “German Masseuse Takes Multiple Loads By Unsuspecting Asian Midget” video, thinking it would be broadcast to all my friends!

The convincing pop up reads: “Thanks for sharing. Pornhub now has automatic video sharing to your social media accounts. No need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary sharing feature does it for you! Automatically!”


It’s a great April Fool’s joke because the pure dread felt would have anyone reaching for their phone instantly to check whether or not it was real. Only after clicking “WTF, reverse this now!”, that wankers were revealed the truth behind their prank.


I’m sure some blokes would be turned off by the pop up message, but hardier fellas like myself need to fill my midget quota for the day.

H/T: The Berry