Bloke who married rice cooker gets divorce 4 days later

Credit: Facebook/Khoiral Anam

Bloke who married rice cooker gets divorce 4 days later

There’s a reason there are seventy-billion songs, novels, movies and poems about how bloody tough love is. Deadset, while it can be a tremendous thing when you’re in it, being out of it can be a real kick in the d-ck and a proper punt in the c**t. That’s why we’re really feeling this tragic love story out of Indonesia. After a whirlwind love affair, Khoiral Anam, a man who married his rice cooker, has called it quits and filed for divorce after just four days.

Yeah, nah, this is bloody tough. Of course, you might be wondering what Khoiral was thinking in the first place, but we reckon it’s obvious. At first glance, he knew he wanted to play with the machine’s buttons, flip its lid, and spend some time spooning it.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and while Khoiral initially praised the rice cooker for being ‘white, loving, and obedient,’ the love has died. Yeah, nah, this relationship is officially f**ken cooked.

In a series of hilarious posts on his Facebook, Khoiral has stated that, “My decision is round.. heavy indeed.. but this is the way I take.. no perfect partner.”

We’ll be honest, we don’t really understand the complexities of that, but we’ll just guess that he’s hurting. And who could blame him.

Still, he seems pensive; reflective. In a later post, he said, “Don’t make decisions when you are angry and don’t make promises in happy moments.” He’s even posted photos of himself sleeping beside his rice cooker and gathering with many more of the machines.

Of course, while we’re assuming this is all for entertainment, we are hoping that bloody Khoiral hasn’t just lost his marbles. Yeah, nah, that’d be no good at all.

Final thought: Yeah, look, as we said above, love can be tough. If you need to share, jump into the comments section and tell us about your whirlwind romance. Yeah, nah, if you’ve ever had the hots for a toaster, taken a fancy to a deep fat fryer or cracked a boner over your kettle, let us know.

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