Bloke on subway reacts to sheila who told him to “chill”

Credit: Twitter/@Tr00peRR

Bloke on subway reacts to sheila who told him to “chill”

We don’t know about you lot, but when we were growing up, we were taught that you shouldn’t be hitting sheilas. Yeah, nah, deadset, there’s not much more that needs saying except to point out that what we learned went even a step further: don’t bloody hit anyone unless it’s in self-defence. That s**t should still matter when you’re a grown-ass man-child. With that in mind, we hope the bloke in this video gets the consequence he deserves. Give it a squiz to see why…

All right, we’ll put this right up front: there’s a trigger warning in this one. The bloke in the video is seen punching a chick right in the face, and the footage is of a fairly decent quality. If you don’t want to see that s**t, you need to know it’s in there.

Now, we’re not gonna dwell on the cowardly strike itself. There’s clearly some context around it, but from the footage, it’s not clear. What seems to be the case, though, is that there’s no way the sheila in the video deserved it.

On top of that, with commentary from the person filming, you’ve gotta wonder why the bloke who’s supposedly with the sheila doesn’t react. Obviously, the common consensus will be that he should have gone into Hulk-mode, but we’re not sure he’s done anything wrong.

Don’t get us wrong, we reckon there would have been a pretty difficult conversation later on about what he should have done, but in a crowded place, when confronted by a guy who’s clearly off-tap and behaving the way he does, you’ve got to ask what it would have achieved and how bad the whole thing could have been.

Maybe by not acting, he de-escalated things, and actually set an example. But, if that is the line of thought, it’s worth mentioning that the New York Post followed up with the NYPD and no crime was reported by the victim, even though they were aware of the footage.

Final thought: All right, this is uncomfortable viewing, we’re not gonna lie. And yeah, it’s easy to talk tough on a laptop, but what a f**ken hectic situation. Everyone’s minding their business, and the guy, in front of his own kids, is clearly angling for more violence, but what would you have done?

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