How people are making big bucks by streaming their sleep to YouTube

Credit: Super Mainstream/Asian Andy

How people are making big bucks by streaming their sleep to YouTube

It doesn’t seem to matter how many interesting ways of making money online the human mind can come up with, there always seems to be more. In a world where you might think you’ve seen everything, content creators keep ripping out new ways to generate funds. Deadset, if you thought making money from having a fart in a jar was strange, check this out: people are making tonnes of money by streaming their sleep online…

Now, in the interest of accuracy, we have to admit that this isn’t exactly new. It’s just that we’re behind the times here at this site. Apparently, it all started in 2017 when YouTube Asian Andy accidentally streamed his sleep.

Credit: Super Mainstream

“I opened candy I found in a P.O box and I ate it – I didn’t realise they were edibles,” Asian Andy reckons. “I passed out high, and my viewers kept trying to wake me up with donations. I made 800 dollars, which was more than I ever did being awake. I thought it was hilarious.”

That video was viewed more than nine million times, and when he filmed two more sleep stream videos in 2020, he made more than $30,000 US dollarydoos.

Credit: Asian Andy

And it’s all of that which brings us to Super Mainstream. This legend had a different spin on the theme. He sleeps on YouTube, and charges people for the right to try to wake him up. He gives them access to his text-to-speech-activated Alexa and lets them go nuts.

He reckons that by doing this once a week, he can make more than 2,000 pommy pounds from a six-hour livestream. He reckons this has taken off because of the pandemic.

“I do mine on a Saturday night because that’s when people would be out buying drinks, having fun doing their thing. My role is Saturday night entertainment.”

Credit: Super Mainstream

So, there you have it. In a world devoid of entertainment and social adventure, we’re now watching people sleep and paying them for the privilege. And yeah, we’re jealous we didn’t think of it. If you could sleep for a job, you’d truly be living the dream!

Final thought: Yeah, to be honest, we bloody love this. Of course, it begs the question: what’s next? If you’ve got any ideas that might kickstart the next step in content creation, share ‘em in the comments section. We’d love to see what you legends reckon we’re yet to see.

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