World reacts to fan’s “disgusting” live TV attack on WWE favourite

Credit: WWE RAW

World reacts to fan’s “disgusting” live TV attack on WWE favourite

Whether you love wrestling or hate it, you’ll know that one of the criticisms it often cops is that it’s just so scripted. And, you know what, there probably aren’t too many people who’ll argue that point. Yeah, nah, to most proper aficionados, that’s all part of the appeal. Still, despite the fact that long-time fans might think there’s not much left in the sport to surprise them, s**t can still come out of nowhere.

Seth Rollins is a man who can attest to that fact. The much-loved WWE superstar was leaving the ring yesterday when some bloke in the audience jumped the fence and f**ken had a crack at him. Yeah, nah, have a squiz at the footage; it’s fair dinkum hectic as f**k.

And seriously, have a good look at a few of these videos and let us know what you reckon, because we’ll be honest: our first thought was that this might be a way for them to introduce a new heel. Having a look at the bloke – and the WWE statement after the event – we don’t think that’s the case.

When it happens, Rollins is doing his bit, strutting away from the ring after a  bit of promo. Just as he’s approaching the entrance to the back-stage area, a bloke comes at him like a f**ken freight-train. You can see Rollins brace himself for the attack, but it’s no good.

He manages to grab hold of the bloke, but the two of them go down and are left to grapple as security comes running. Now, obviously, this raises some serious questions. What if the bloke had a knife – or worse!

Anyway, Rollins has come out of the event unscathed. To be fair, he looked more than equipped to deal with the bloke, but holy s**t, you never know how this kinda thing could get worse.

The WWE Statement released after the event says: “WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously. The individual who attacked Seth Rollins has been turned over to the NYPD and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we’re not gonna lie. S**t like this is always hectic and it makes us cast our minds back to the Dimebag Darrel murder. Let us know what you reckon. Share your thoughts in the Facebook comments. See you there!

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