Steve-O completed the bottle-cap challenge in the most Steve-O way possible

Steve-O completed the bottle-cap challenge in the most Steve-O way possible

You’d better friggen believe we’re still going strong with the bottle-cap challenge here at Ozzy Man Reviews. We are committed to bringing you blokes and blokettes the biggest breaking news, and let’s be bloody honest; the news doesn’t come much bigger than celebs opening bottles with fly-kicks, voices and other…appendages. And that is exactly what brings us to Steve-O. The Jackass legend has done his own version of the bottle-cap challenge, and he’s done it in the most Steve-O way possible…

Rightio, it’s been a while since we’ve had any of the Jackass lads on Ozzy Man Reviews.

From memory, Wee Man was the last, and come to think of it, we’d love to see if he could somehow skateboard a bottle-cap open.

Credit: Steve-O Official

But, we digress. Today’s all about Steve-O. And, er, mini-Steve-O.

If you’re familiar with the show – or Steve-O in general – you know the bloody larrikin isn’t going to attempt to complete the bottle-cap challenge with a standard movement. Yeah, nah. So far, we’ve seen bottle-caps opened with karate chops, singing, thongs, and cars, but we reckon Steve-O might be the first to open a bottle with his todger.

Credit: Steve-O Official

Yep, you heard that right. The former Jackass star opens the bottle with his bloody dick. The first thing that strikes us about the video is that we didn’t know Steve-O was Japanese and had a pixelated cock. Yeah, nah, the video is, thankfully, censored. You’re spared a full frontal shot of the man’s wanger, but his aim is bloody spot on.

When the vid opens, you’ve got old mate’s naked ass on your screen, and then he spins. His tallywhacker comes around, hits the sweet spot and sends the bottle-cap flying. As some commenters have said, Steve-O wins the Bottle-Cap Challenge.

Credit: Steve-O Official

Final thought: We’re not sure there are too many other creative ways we could see this done, but the bottle-cap challenge is easily one of our favourite things about the internet in 2019. If you reckon you can come up with anything that’ll top Steve-O’s effort, let us know in the comments section.

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Video Link: Steve-O Official