Some of the best f@*#en online shopping fails

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Some of the best f@*#en online shopping fails

There’s no bloody doubt that we’re relying on internet shopping more and more every day. The ease and convenience of buying whatever the f**k you want with just a few clicks and keystrokes is just irresistible for most people, especially in an age of global pandemic and, let’s face it: laziness. Yeah, nah, internet shopping’s easy. There is one major downside, though, and that’s the simple fact that when you buy stuff sight unseen, you can never be sure what you’re going to get. Just ask these people…

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We’re gonna start with this one because we kinda like it. More than anything else, it’s just bloody cheeky, and in a strange way, you’ve gotta respect that. Still, we do recognise that for plenty of people, it’s gotta be a bit frustrating. Especially if they’ve dropped cash on it!

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As you can tell from these ones, there seems to be a pretty big trend of online sellers offering products that are way smaller than advertised. We don’t know if there’s fine print that reveals the truth, but a lot of people are making this mistake and we reckon they’ve been mislead.

And then there are these guys, who had the opposite problem…

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Of course, you can’t discount the whole ‘wtf’ bunch. Some of these are just mindnumbingly bizarre, and while they’re technically rip-offs, you can’t help but laugh.

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These ones, though, they’re not so funny. Yeah, nah, these are just outright scams. Something ought to be done about that.

Final thought: Obviously, there are two major issues here: the first is the one that’s avoidable, the failure to read the fine-print. The second is one that is, in fairness, also avoidable, even if you can never be certain. It’s the fact that there are always crooks who’ll try to rip you off. To combat that, you’re just gonna have to make sure you read the reviews and buy from reputable sellers. Remember that s**t next time you’re shopping online, and you should be right!

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