Scientists have reconstructed the face of ancient 1,000 year old Viking warrior sheila

Scientists have reconstructed the face of ancient 1,000 year old Viking warrior sheila

If the television show Vikings is anything to go by, we’ve known for a while that Viking sheilas could be warriors. S**t, we reckon they’d even give Shaz from down the pub a run for her money. Anyway, the reason we’re telling you this is that scientists from Britain have just used their computer magic to restructure the face of an ancient Viking sheila and given us a pretty friggen sweet idea at what a shield-maiden may have looked like – complete with a bloody sword wound. Check it out!

Rightio, we’ll start with the basics for you and then we’ll go from there. That all right with you blokes? S**t yeah, of course it is. Archaeologists have known the bones they took out of a Viking graveyard in Norway were female for a while, but apparently, many thought she couldn’t possibly have been a warrior for that very reason.

Credit: History Channel

Still, despite that, after rebuilding her face using their fancypants computer program, scientists have discovered the old duck was buried with f**ken arrows, a sword, a spear and an axe, and get this: she’s even got a bloody dent on her forehead that’s consistent with a sword-wound.

Archaeologist Ella Al-Shamahi reckons this is pretty bloody exciting news. She’s not completely sure the injury caused the woman’s death, but it is ‘the first evidence ever found of a Viking woman with a battle injury’.

Credit: Eloisa Noble/National Geographic

She says that although ‘women risked being overpowered in hand-to-hand combat, they could have fired deadly arrows from horseback over longer distances making them ‘an equal match for men’.

Al-Shamahi worked with Dr Caroline Erolin from the University of Dundee in the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification to rebuild the woman’s face, and as you can imagine, she’s pretty bloody stoked. “I’m so excited because this is a face that hasn’t been seen in 1,000 years,” she said. “She’s suddenly become really real.”

Credit: National Geographic

Final thought: We bloody love this technology and its ability to rebuild old faces. It certainly makes the history a bit more real, don’t ya reckon?

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Video Link: History Channel