Elon Musk’s new and only house is worth $50,000

Credit: Elon Musk/Boxabl

Elon Musk’s new and only house is worth $50,000

Before we begin, we’d just like to point out the obvious. When you’re talking about shacks, there’s a pretty fair question about whether or not a shack that costs $50,000 really counts as a ‘shack’ at all. After all, there are some connotations that come with the word. To that, we’re just gonna say that it’s all about context and roll with it, because when you think Elon Musk, you tend to think about grandiose and state of the art. So that’s why it’s interesting his new home is only a 20 foot by 20 foot ‘shack’.

Yeah, as we said above, the simple use of the word shack tends to connote a couple of things, and we won’t say that Elon’s new place fits any of those descriptions, but we’re only reflecting on this s**t, and we’re not actually the ones who make these decisions, so let’s have a squiz.

A while back, the big fella himself mentioned that he’d sold all his houses, and that left the obvious question: just where was he gonna live with his misso and kid, Alphabet.

Credit: Boxabl

When commenting about his last house, he mentioned that it was big, and considering the guy’s push for sustainability being a key part of his gimmick, it’s interesting that he’s now chosen to live onsite at SpaceX in a prefabricated house that’s only 400 square feet.

Credit: Boxabl

To put that into perspective, it’s about the size of a two-car garage. While much of the world is packed into high-density living, it’s fair to say that’s a tiny space for someone of Musk’s financial status.

Of course, it’s good publicity and it also makes getting to work easy for him. It’s literally on SpaceX facilities and gives him easy access to everything.

As for the place itself, we don’t have pics of the actual house, but the company who designed it, Boxabl, have shared promotional footage of their Space-Boxabl. They claim these pre-fabricated houses could be used to house astronauts on Mars or on the moon.

Final thought: Yeah, love or hate Elon, you’ve gotta say that he keeps doing things that you wouldn’t expect from someone of his status. Let us know what you reckon about all of this in the Facebook comments. See you there!

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