This bloke is trolling Airline with PowerPoint presentations to find his luggage

Credit: Elliot Sharod

This bloke is trolling Airline with PowerPoint presentations to find his luggage

If you’ve ever had your airline luggage mislaid, delayed or straight-up left somewhere they can’t locate you’ll know how bloody stressful it can be. Deadset, when the airline only has to stick the bag on the plane and get it to the same place you’re going, it’s a real pisser when it doesn’t make it. Just ask the star of this story, Elliot Sharod.

Sharod and his wife Helen were on the way back from their honeymoon when Aer Lingus dropped a bollock and forgot to load their bags onto the plane. Fortunately, Elliot invested in Bluetooth tracking devices that made it easy to keep track of their bags.

So, when the airline f**ked up, he thought it’d be a simple fix. “We were annoyed, frustrated and tired by that point, but still optimistic — we thought, hey, they’ll stick it on a flight,” he says. “We didn’t think any more of it.”

Alas, he was wronger than a dingo’s donger. So wrong in fact, that the airline still hasn’t gotten the bag’s back to them, despite Sharod using the tracking devices to tell them exactly where the bags are on multiple occasions.

The poor bugger’s even resorted to making videos – with PowerPoints – where he explains the bag’s locations and posts them online in the hope Aer Lingus might pull their fingers out of their arses and prioritise getting them home. He reckons that because they’re ignoring his calls, messages, and emails, this is, “the only way I can get their attention, by naming and shaming them.”

It’s gotten so bad, and they’ve seen the bags move location on so many different occasions now that he’s sure they’ve been stolen, and the airline is doing nothing about it. “Helen’s gutted,” he said. “It’s her bag, her clothes, and she has that very uneasy feeling about where her property is.”

The airline hasn’t commented publicly on the dispute.

Final thought: F**k, this is an awkward one for Aer Lingus. There are obvious difficulties in delivering things, but come on, you’ve f**ked up. Own it and make it right to the poor couple. Deadset, it’s the least you can do. Anyway, what do you lot reckon about this one?

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