Scientists have f*cken nailed how to induce lucid dreams

Scientists have f*cken nailed how to induce lucid dreams

How are you blokes and blokettes doing today? Are you feeling f**ken good or are ya feeling a bit bloody sleepy? If you are a little bit on the tired side, don’t nod off yet, we’ve got some news you might want to hear. It’s all about lucid dreaming. If you don’t know what lucid dreaming is, don’t f**ken stress, it’s pretty simple. It basically means you have the ability to control your dreams and make conscious choices in them. If that’s something that interests you then read on, because Science has verified a method that could help you experience more lucid dreams of your own…

The bloke who’s been looking into this is Dr Denholm Aspy of the University of Adelaide. The doctor, who’s presumably spent his fair share of time watching people sleep, has been looking into lucid dreaming to investigate the idea it could help heal trauma and control other unhealthy behaviours.

This guy will help you have lucid dreams. Credit: Adelaide University

This guy will will make your dreams reality. Credit: Adelaide University

Aspy ran a trial that successfully induced lucid dreaming in more than half of its participants. As alluded to above, lucid dreaming is where you’re aware you’re dreaming and have some control over your dreams.

This sh*t sounds f**ken grouse. Feel like dreaming that you’re Frodo f**ken Baggins and you’re on a quest to punch Gollum in the ring, go for it. Want to know what it’s like to be a rockstar? Try lucid dreaming. Want to turn even the most pant-shittingly terrifying nightmare into a wet dream? You f**ken get stuck in ya kinky little b**tard.

You can participate in classes. Credit: Dr Denholm Aspy

You can participate in classes. Credit: Dr Denholm Aspy

Anyway, Aspy taught 169 people techniques to induce the dreams. One of these techniques is known as mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD) and it involves waking yourself at regular intervals to recite the mantra “The next time I am dreaming, I will remember that I’m dreaming” before getting back to your kip. The other is reality testing. This one relies on people regularly checking to make sure they’re really awake.

Fifty-three per cent of Aspy’s participants who used a combination of these two techniques f**ken nailed it. That’s a higher success rate than any other trial so far, but Aspy isn’t getting ahead of himself and wants to investigate further. If you’d like to be part of a study, click here.

He often watches people sleep. It's not weird. Credit: Dr Denholm Aspy

He often watches people sleep. It’s not weird. Credit: Dr Denholm Aspy

Final thought: Some people think of lucid dreaming in that really kinda spaced-out pseudo-spiritual psychobabble way, but others just see it as a cool way to have fun with their dreams. Have you ever experienced it? Let us know about it.

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