Tourist gropes the locals in Thailand – learns his lesson the hard way

Tourist gropes the locals in Thailand – learns his lesson the hard way

Some of our favourite videos here at Ozzyman Reviews involve angry locals dealing swift justice to tourists who step out of line. For some reason, some people just don’t remember to pack their manners or their common sense when they’re travelling. The consequence is often hilarious. Just watch three Thai women literally kick the sh*t out of this guy for groping one of them and you’ll see what we mean.

C'mon, mate, don't do that! Credit: Pattaya-Lifestyle

C’mon, mate, don’t do that! Credit: Pattaya-Lifestyle

When the video opens, this classy, classy dude has one of these birds wrapped up in a bear hug. There’s no context to suggest what led to this turn of events, but it becomes obvious that his advances are unwanted. Very unwanted.

Have a look at her, she’s explodes out of his grip and swings a fast hand right at his head. This is pretty much the moment he realises he’s in deep shit. She is not even slightly impressed. To prove it, she kicks him like a bloody mule.

He wobbles. He topples. He falls! She’s on him like flies on sh*t! F**ken kick! F**ken kick! Somehow, he scores a bit of a whack to her face, but it’s to no avail. They’re coming out of the woodwork now!

You're up sh*t creek now. Credit: Pattaya-Lifestyle

You’re up sh*t creek now. Credit: Pattaya-Lifestyle

Two of her friends jump in. Fittingly, considering it’s world cup time, they kick and they kick and they kick. High heels and everything, they do not give f**k one. They kick! And then, one of my favourite bits, one of them comes in with the Cantona-kick. She rushes in from the left, presumably screaming f**k you, you round-eyed f**k!

Imagine being one of those dudes sitting there at the table. Talk about a front-row view. You wouldn’t want them to spill your beer though. Finally, some blokes get in the way and the insanity comes to an end. Then, worst of all, the fella starts wailing like a big bloody crybaby.

Fortunately, no one’s having a baht of it and he’s moved along.

Nope. Now you're up shit creek. Credit: Pattaya-Lifestyle

Nope. Now you’re up shit creek. Credit: Pattaya-Lifestyle

Final thought: I bloody love these ones. Admittedly it’s not as good as the British woman who questioned the price of tea in Nepal, but it’s still pretty bloody good. Next time you’re on holiday, it’s probably a good idea not to get pissed up and start groping random women. They don’t appreciate it – and they might just kick the sh*t out of you. The only thing left to say is, “Good onya, mate. You bloody deserved it.”

H/T: Nextshark.