Bloke deliberately breaks a s**tload of dumb laws in front of the police

Bloke deliberately breaks a s**tload of dumb laws in front of the police

You might remember Vice’s Pommy reporter Oobah Butler. He’s the bloke who got his dodgy restaurant to the Number 1 position on Tripadviser’s best restaurants in London list. Well, he’s f**ken back. This time, though, he’s not actually trying to trick anyone. He’s just trying to showcase some of Pommyland’s dumbass archaic laws, and see if he can get arrested in the process.  Have a f**ken squiz at this one…

Credit: Vice

You may well have heard of some of the stupid laws that are still on the books in your town.

S**T, if you live in a country that still shares its common law with Pommyland, there’s a good chance some of the laws you’ve got there are being showcased in Oobah’s latest vid.

According to the internet – which might mean it’s total bullshit – it’s illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday on a Sunday in Ozzyland, taxis in Queensland are supposed to carry a bale of hay in the trunk, and only licenced electricians can change a light-bulb.

All of which, are either dumb as f**k or a throwback to the days of yore.

Credit: Vice

That’s certainly the case in Oobah’s video, which you can see below.

In fact, he’s deliberately – and brazenly – breaking archaic laws in front of the old bill. And, er, yeah, nah, not many of these laws make sense in the world today.

Still, you’ve got to wonder what was going on in London when they made it illegal to suspiciously handle a salmon in public.

The law that you shouldn’t wear a suit of armour in parliament makes sense. It’s a place of parlay. The salmon in public, though? We dunno, but we reckon there must have been some dodgy bloody Poms around when that one was made.

Anyway, we’re not gonna spoil the video for ya, so check it out down below.

Credit: Vice

Final thought: Do us a favour and find out some of the weird laws from your neck of the woods. Work out which ones you’ve broken and post about it in the comments section. Other than that, f**ken hooroo, ya big bloody legends.

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Video Link: Vice