Hundreds of hotel guests have been secretly filmed in South Korean hotels

Hundreds of hotel guests have been secretly filmed in South Korean hotels

Reality TV has seen a bunch of C-List celebrities cloggin’ up our tellys with their useless verbal diarrhoea over the past decade. Sometimes it’s even entertaining, watching them f**k up and air their dirty secrets to the world. The Kardashian mob knowingly get filmed 24/7 and they get paid an absolute packet to do so, and good for them…

Where this story takes a bloody questionable turn is when people don’t know they are being filmed. That’s what’s happened to customers staying in some South Korean hotels. They have been unknowingly filmed and exploited in a disgusting display of what can happen when two creepy pervs take reality TV too bloody far.


These poor bastards in South Korea, over 1600 of them, have been secretly filmed with tiny cameras, some of the lenses the width of  about 1 millimetre wide. You’d have more chance of seein’ a fairy’s fart than these tiny camera’s, hidden in light switches, TV’S and other electrical appliances. Even the hairdryers in the bathrooms for f**ks sake. Investigating police have reported these occurrences in 42 hotels over 10 different cities.


But f**k, hold onto ya hats, it gets bloody worse. Not only have these two sickos been filming unsuspecting hotel patrons, they have been streaming it on the bloody internet for the world to see. And get this. Over 4000 people are a members of this pervy online channel, with some even paying for the subscription. Police report that the website has made $8700 in around 4 months.

In an interview with CNN, Korea’s National Police Agency said:

There was a similar case in the past where illegal cameras were (secretly installed) and were consistently and secretly watched, but this is the first time the police caught where videos were broadcast live on the internet.

Thankfully the two wankers have been arrested and face fines of around $38,000 bucks if found guilty of obtaining and displaying the illegal video.

Pic by Jung Hawon via AFP

Chicks in South Korea took to the streets in protest over the privacy invasion, lettin’ the perpetrators know that “our lives are not your porn.” They are looking for the system to get tougher on these pigs, after more than 6000 of these sorts of cases were reported in 2017. Bloody horrifying.

Final Thought: This is creepy AF. The internet is a truly wonderful thing… Whatever you’re into, whether it’s S & M, dudes in animal costumes bangin’ each other senseless, you can find it online. Legally. And by people that know they’re being filmed. If you wanna be a f**ken creep, go for it! Just don’t break the bloody law.

And next time I’m travelling, any little lights or lenses or suss looking holes in the walls, I’ll be covering with some bloody duct tape before I get on with my little dirty weekend away, that’s for damn sure.

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