Some of the Internet’s greatest “Not my f#*@en job” moments

Credit: Riresurmort/theshrike

Some of the Internet’s greatest “Not my f#*@en job” moments

The world’s full of people and they all come in different stripes. Yeah, nah, some people will do whatever they can to help others, some will do a little bit, and some will do f**k-all. And that’s all right. After all, each to their own. Where this becomes especially interesting, though, is when something falls under the parameters of ‘not my f**ken job.’ Deadset, when that’s the case, you get s**t like the stuff in these images. Check ‘em out…

Before we get started, we’re gonna give our usual disclaimer here. Some of these might be set up, some of them might be bulls**t, and some of them might be dumb. Nevertheless, we’re gonna soldier the f**k on and have a look anyway.

So, yeah, having a look at these, we’ve been having a bit of a think about what leads to the chain of events that results in these pics. We’ve got a couple of ideas, but let’s not take ‘em for gospel. We’re just shooting the shit and getting a bit of a convo going, so let us know in the comments if you’ve got your own ideas.

That’s good to hear. Credit: InternalEssayz

Instead Of 2 A’s And 2 E’s, We Got 4 A’s In This Happy New Year Balloon Pack. Credit: amlozek

Put the sign up, boss. Credit: ilostmyremote

Basically, though, we reckon there’s about three major things that lead to this sort of s**t. The first is the most obvious: sheer f**ken bone-idle laziness. Yeah, nah, painting over the bugs is just laughable. You’d kick your employees in the d*ck if they did that.

Installed the rail, boss. Credit: theshrike

Previous Owners Built This House, Told Us There Was Insulation In The Roof. True Story. Credit: MomButtsDriveMeNuts

Labelled the sports, boss. Credit: valleykat25

But then, you’ve gotta consider that some people might genuinely not know. Yeah, nah, we can imagine that in putting up the insulation, you might just be dumb enough not to figure it out. We’re not saying it’s likely, we’re just saying we’ve met some people who could easily make that mistake.

Got The Chatbot Working, Boss. Credit: iwannadie469

Painted the lines, boss. Credit: Riresurmort

Delivered it, boss. Credit: nims_2525

Finally, there’s the ‘dude, I’m quitting at the end of the week,’ or ‘there’s only ten minutes to smoko,’ issue. We’re lumping these in together because they amount to the same thing: just not giving a flying f**k.

I Mean, It’s Important To Follow Safety Protocols. Credit: HertzFrequently

Made the error message, boss. Credit: PainofClarity

Made the cross-walk, boss. Credit: sandybeach82

Yeah, nah, we reckon they just about cover it.

Proofread the document, boss. Credit: fishsticks40

Painted the walls, boss. Credit: DimitriTooProBro

Printed The Sign, Boss. Credit: MuzzWave

Final thought: Enjoy your bloody squiz and let us know which of the categories these fall into. Also, let us know about the ‘not my f**ken job’ moments you’ve seen at work. Load up the comments with pics and stories. You know we love that s**t!

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