Sheilas Go Viral For Face Swapping A Fun Boob

Sheilas Go Viral For Face Swapping A Fun Boob

I enjoy a set of Fun Boobs.

The term “Fun Boobs” is something I coined back in the days of reviewing Game of Thrones Season 4.

We’d been seeing a lot of depressed boobs in TV and media (i.e boobs involved in rape scenes, oppressed boobs, forbidden boobs, people over-thinking boobs) at the time, so I was simply curious as to where the fucken Fun Boobs were at. The boobs that don’t give a shit and hang out at their own free will.

It’s a simple and profound question to ask the world from time to time. Where are the Fun Boobs?

The main qualification for a set of Fun Boobs is that the owner is the one with the control. If they’re happy with their boobs, they don’t mind their boobs be’in out there by choice, and the boobs themselves are like: ‘no big deal, we’re just hanging out, what of it? We’re titties. We’re part of everyday life. You got a fucken problem with that?’ then we’re dealing with Fun Boobs through and through ladies and gents. Open and shut case.

The face swap video from Twitter which I’ve embedded below involves a singular boob, but it’s definitely having fun.

I love how Twitter doesn’t give a fuck these days.

This ridiculous little video would cause outrage and community infringement takedowns on other social networks, but not Twitter, you go Twitter with your endorsement of tits.

Anyway, it’s not groundbreaking entertainment, or is it? The video is spreading far and wide.

Ok, I’ll get back to doing some work now like makin’ a new video or some shit. I’m starting to over-think the boobs you see, which deducts from the simplicity of them Fun Boobs (or boob specifically in this instance– I’ll see myself out already.)