Sheila Turns Down $1,000 Cash, Old Bloke Nabs It

Sheila Turns Down $1,000 Cash, Old Bloke Nabs It

This is pure gold ladies and gents.

The TODAY show currently has a segment called Random Acts of Cash

Presenter Steve Jacobs attempts to give folks a thousand bucks out on the street. That’s as complex as the segment gets.

Such simplicity is likely to lead to confusion and in this instance it does.

An Asian sheila humbly rejects the cash. Totally not interested. There’s a bit of lost in translation going on, but I dunno, she appears to fluctuate between suspicion to giving zero fucks. To be honest, despite language barriers, offering a woman money on the street and saying “no reason, oh nah nah, no reason.” is probs not gonna go so smoothly.

Video is below. Give it a sec to load, should be good:

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I love that the old timer at the bus stop didn’t even hesitate however, he just puts his hand up, “I’ll take it”. No worries. Done. Jump on the bus and continue ya day.

He gives responsible answers as he’s asked what he’ll spend it on. “Ohhhh yeah nah yeah just some bills.”

But we all know drinks will be on him at the bowls club.

Amazing scenes we’ve witnessed in Queensland this morning.