People From 1999 Talk About Mobile Phones

People From 1999 Talk About Mobile Phones

1999 was a cool year from memory.

What more could we bloody need? We had fucken Windows 95, Windows 98, AFL 98 by EA Sports, Napster was cranking, End of Days with Arnie was released in fear of the year 2000 coming.

We had it all.

The people of 1999 totally knew the world had already peaked, so there was no want or need for new stuff.

Now… It’s bloody hilarious looking back over interviews from 17 years ago where people chat about not wanting mobile phones.

Phones are a massive part of everyday life and a lot of people couldn’t see ’em evolving and becoming so popular in The Future.

Here’s the video:

I don’t think the evolution and normality of our handheld communication devices means the times are dystopian now.


Not at all. Of course there’s pros and cons like anything really.

Our usage levels is in our own hands.

I enjoy a cheeky “digital detox” from time to time if ever I feel I’m lookin’ at tiny screens too much (which I probs am a lot these days).

But oi yeah nah yeah whatever works for you I say.