The Internet has discovered baby owls sleep face down as their heads are too heavy

The Internet has discovered baby owls sleep face down as their heads are too heavy

As you’re no doubt aware, owls have always been a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. And that s**t goes right back to ancient times. The Greeks were all over it, often tying the creature to Athena, and pop culture sees them hanging out with wizards. Before Hedwig, there was Archimedes and although he’s no wizard’s plaything, there’s even that old codger one in Winnie the Pooh.

Of course, all of this is pretty interesting when you consider that they’re actually highly efficient predators and they f**k their prey up with stealth attacks. Now, you’re probably wondering why we’d say something like that.

The reason is simple. There’s no way these buggers can be seen as cute, right? Not when their very presence strikes fear into every smaller animal in the vicinity. Except that yeah, there is. We don’t get eaten by them, so we can enjoy them for the adorable little fluffballs they are!

And apparently, the baby owl, or the f**ken owlet, has to sleep lying down because its head’s too big for its body. And, apparently, the bewdiful little creatures do this face down. Yeah, no s**t.

Mika McKinnon has been chasing up reports of this behaviour, and it appears that it checks out. “I finally had the chance to fact-check this and I think it’s true?” she said on Twitter. “Which is all kinds of amazing because TIL human toddlers & teenage owls are both champions of the Awkward Nap.”

Later, Heather Hinam, a Ph.D (on the subject, we think) said, “I’ve been trying to find the original photographer for this image, but no luck. It’s obviously a captive bird. Regardless, yes, young nestling owls do sleep, or rest lying down. Their heads are too heavy for their bodies. Here are some saw-whets from my Ph.D. research”

Final thought: So yeah, how f**ken cute’s that s**t? Seriously, these are graceful and amazing creatures, but the fact this is so clumsily awesome despite their later grace just adds to the appeal. Owls, man, they’re cool as s**t.

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