Engaged Man Caught Having Sex With Mistress On A Plane To Ibiza

Engaged Man Caught Having Sex With Mistress On A Plane To Ibiza

The mile high club is where you have sex one mile above the ground, which is easiest done on an airplane. I don’t really have to tell you that because almost everyone knows it. Everyone also knows that the best way to join the mile high club (or even maintain your prescription) is to go to the bathroom to get the job done. It’s a small room and it’s hard to get a good rhythm going, but it’s far better than what these two did.


On a flight from Manchester to Ibiza a couple decided to join the club without leaving their seats. They didn’t wait to go into the bathroom, and they didn’t care that anyone was watching. The woman just plonked herself on her man and just went for it. I know that Ibiza is the wild party place for all that sort of thing, but these two only needed to wait a few more hours and they were there! Maybe they thought that since everyone on the plane was going, they would think it was an OK thing to do.


A man called Kieran Williams was the unfortunate one who sat closest to the randy couple, and was the one who took these shots. He had heard them joking about it but didn’t think they would actually do it in their seats. It turns out the raunchy guy was actually shouting “Anyone got a jelly?” which apparently mean a condom. Well at least the couple is practising safe sex.

“I heard them talking about it but I thought they were joking. The guy was shouting, ‘Anyone got a jelly?’

“We all laughed but then 10 minutes later they actually did it. They seemed so drunk, they brought a lot of attention to themselves.


“You could see the girl taking off her pants and he pulled his trousers off. She started riding him.

“I had to get my phone out. I have never seen anything like that.”


It turns out the man on the plane was also engaged, and had a pregnant lady waiting for him at home… classy.

“He is known as a bit of a ladies’ man,” a friend said. “That’s just a random woman he’s with, they didn’t know each other before the day.

“Shaun and Jenna are due to marry soon but that clearly won’t stop him.

“He doesn’t seem to be too bothered he has left his six-months pregnant wife-to-be at home while he cavorts with random strangers.

“I wouldn’t like to be him when she finds out.”

Shaun Edmondson with his bride-to-be Jenna Ross.

Shaun Edmondson with his bride-to-be Jenna Ross.

Friends say his fiancee Jenna, who has been with Mr Edmondson for six years, is aware of the footage and is absolutely furious.

His stepdad Graham Oliver, 52, said: “I’ve seen the video but I haven’t spoken to Shaun about it yet.

“I haven’t a clue whether he’s in trouble over it or not.”

H/T: Daily Mail