Kid Swallows Party Blower, Makes The Sound Every Time He Breathes

Kid Swallows Party Blower, Makes The Sound Every Time He Breathes

Schadenfreude is a German word that means ‘pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune’ and while it can occasionally be mean to laugh at someone who’s come a cropper, often it’s impossible not to.

That’s definitely the case with the little fella in this video…

This eight-year-old lad from San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, accidentally swallowed the whistle component of a party blower and it made a honking sound every time he breathed in.

Thankfully, Dr Santiago Gomez Zuviria was able to safely remove the toy. He then posted the video on his Facebook page in order to raise awareness about toy safety. The clip quickly went viral, garnering over 10 million views.

Mum was a bit worried but the lad's okay now

Mum was a bit worried but the lad’s okay now

Viewers on Facebook could not contain their schadenfreude, posting hundreds of comments but it appears that the good doctor was unhappy with some of the responses.

A few days after his initial post, Zuviria posted a status on his Facebook page, saying:

“I want to ask your help. A few days ago I shared a video of a little boy who had an accident with a toy horn. My only intention was to make friends aware of the risk that small children are exposed to when playing with toys. To date, the video has almost nine million views, a number that continues to rise. Unfortunately, there are those who have used the video maliciously, so I’m asking all my friends and contacts to report these posts, extracted from the video in question, that seek to ridicule the situation the little guy went through. Let us make this online community a healthy and respectful place for all.”

Dr Zuviria is not impressed with your comments

Dr Zuviria is not impressed with your comments

To be fair to a lot of the commenters, the video is funny as fu*k: the mixture of the hilarious sound and the boy’s exasperated expression is just comedy gold.

Also, knowing that the party blower was successfully removed and the fella is fine makes it okay to have a wee giggle, I reckon.

'Do not eat'

‘Do not eat’


Credit: Santiago Gomez Zuviria via Storyful

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