Foo Fighters Make Hilarious Announcement Video

Foo Fighters Make Hilarious Announcement Video

The Foo Fighters have responded to rumours that a band breakup is on the horizon.

They have done so in hilarious fashion via a bloody YouTube video.

Maybe I’m a bit tired or just havin’ a general dumb arse day, but it took me a couple of minutes to cotton on to Dave Grohl’s acting and realise this was not a serious video.

I thought I was watching a genuine interview for a minute or two. I know. I know. Dumb arse. Dave Grohl’s acting is really not that great so I should’ve seen through it immediately.

The video ends up being an overall pretty funny response to rumours of a breakup.

Check it out below:

Happy days and good news.

The thought of “going solo” no doubt crosses every leading blokes mind when in a band, so it’s cool to see Grohl poke fun at that.

Respect for handling this situation in such a chilled way.

Makes me feel like listening to Foo Fighters now. Everlong really is an amazing song. Will never ever get sick of that mint tune.