Drummer Gives Prince A Mint Tribute From His Truck

Drummer Gives Prince A Mint Tribute From His Truck

We’ve seen various Prince tributes over the days, but it’s the simple cool stuff I like the most.

The fella in this video decides to play his drums at the petrol station in the back of his pickup truck.

He plays along to the mega Prince hit “Purple Rain”.

It’s a damn fine jam session.

He even manages to pull a crowd of about half a dozen people. Yeah nah that’s a solid concert performance right there.

Video is below. Have a cheeky look:

I know there were lots of fancy corporate logo tweaks going around to pay tribute to Prince, but as said, I enjoy the simple stuff.

Playing along with a track is a real fun way to share ya respect for an artist.

Doing in it in the back of a huge pickup truck..?

Well, you definitely get some extra bad ass points there for sure mate!

I’m very late to the tribute posting, I understand it’s not viral news anymore, but RIP Prince.