Angus Young Rips Coachella A New A-hole With Guns N Roses

Angus Young Rips Coachella A New A-hole With Guns N Roses

I’m a big music fan. Listened to a lot of stuff in my time.

A few of youse have asked me quietly on the sidelines of the busy FB page what I reckon “Axl/DC” will be like.

I’m definitely intrigued by the thought of Axl singin’ and touring with Acca Dacca. I mean, I do love gunners and their Appetite for Destruction days like everyone else. There should surely be some fun to be had from this idea?

Anything new or out of the blue is of course scary for fans, though… There’s been 4 decades worth of stability from Brian Johnson as lead singer, but this doesn’t necessarily need to be seen as a kick in the teeth for him. He’s going deaf… Malcolm’s been lost to dementia, Phil to criminality, but does all this mean Angus should…stop?

It’s understandable some folks are panicked or wanna immediately think the worst thoughts.

Luckily, Angus Young is a stubborn bastard and has given us a taster of what things could be like by gatecrashing a Guns N’ Roses set. Video is below:

There’s totally parts of that performance that excited me. Angus and Slash on stage together? That’s undeniably fucken awesome. I doubt Slash will be on the ACDC tour, but yeah nah still cool. Still cool.

I thought Axl sounded pretty damn good belting out an ACDC classic. All other past Axl antics aside… I simply thought he sounded fucken cool. And that’s probably what he needs to get back to doing.

I like that they didn’t go over the top and choose Thunderstruck or Highway To Hell or Back in Black or anything toooooo big. Whole Lotta Rosie is a modest classic to win us over with.


I like it.

I like how this was rolled out. Well played Axl/DC. Well played.

And the more I think about it…this SHOULD be a union that I approve of on paper the more I think about it. It’s like two long time friends finally hooking up. They have my blessing and I’ll refrain from being overly judgy. Go forth, live well.

*side note: fuck it’s awesome to see Angus never running out of energy. Always on the move. His band members are dropping like flies, but if he can still have fun with whoever he chooses to play with under the ACDC banner then I’ll fun too.