Elephant rushes to the rescue of his caregiver after he’s “attacked”

Elephant rushes to the rescue of his caregiver after he’s “attacked”

Elephants are f**ken majestic bastards. Despite their behemoth size, they’re well known for their intelligence, their ability to build strong emotional bonds, and their ability to stick up for their mates when some prick threatens them. Watch the video down below to see Thongsri, a 17 year-old pachyderm from Chiang Mai in Thailand, back this wild claim up…

As mentioned above, we’re heading to bloody Thailand for this video. Don’t get excited though, there’s no ladyboys (that we know of), and there’s no ping-pong projectiles. Yeah, nah, this is a wholesome video where an elephant sees its carer in trouble and comes in with the big guns.

"Wait there, Phil! I'll get the c**t!" Credit: Viral Hog

“Wait there, Phil! I’ll get the c**t!” Credit: Viral Hog

Thongsri lives in an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, and she loves her caretaker with all her heart, trunk and big floppy ears. So when Thongsri’s carer, who we’re gonna call Phil, has one of his mates start a bit of argy-bargy, she comes to his aid like a bloody champion! I can’t be certain, but it looks like Phil’s trying to show them how protective old Thongsri is. If that’s the case, he’s f**ken spot on.

"If he comes here again, I'll strangle him with my trunk!" Credit: Viral Hog

“If he comes here again, I’ll strangle him with my trunk!” Credit: Viral Hog

Thongsri hits the after-burners and makes it over to his friend in trouble. He f**ken circles his prone mate and stands between him and any further danger. I tell you what; you wouldn’t have wanted to be too slow clearing out of there. Thongsri meant the bloody business.

Have a go at her clearing out the danger and then stopping to make sure Phil is OK. She’s all like, “Fark, Phil! Are ya right, mate? That c**t just f**ken started on ya. Sorry I was so far away. I’d have f**ken brained him if I was closer.”

Thongsri sticks around till Phil is back on his feet and ready to give her a bug hug and thank her for having his back. What a star. What a mate. What a f**ken pachyderm.

You're safe now, Phil. That wanker's gone." Credit: Viral Hog

You’re safe now, Phil. That wanker’s gone.” Credit: Viral Hog

Final thought: Pretty simple moral here. Don’t f**k with anyone who has a pet elephant. Even if they don’t get you at the time, their penchant for never forgetting anything means they’ll catch up with you in a dark alleyway somewhere and trounce the sh*t out of ya.

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