Dodgy bloke’s ‘crash for cash’ insurance scam backfires

Dodgy bloke’s ‘crash for cash’ insurance scam backfires

The dawn of the dashcam has been a bloody good thing hasn’t it. Not only has it provided internet users with hours upon hours of unbridled hilarity (and a few WTF moments), it’s also protected heaps of people like the lady in this video from dodgy scumbags. Have a look at the shonky insurance scam these blokes are trying to run…

Unlike many of the dashcam videos that grace our screens, this one doesn’t come from the backwaters of Russia. Yeah, nah, this one’s from the home of tea, crumpets, and that rich family of inbred toffs your mum seems to be fascinated by, Pommyland. You can tell because the sky is as grey as an Englishman’s sense of humour and the people sound like characters in a Roald Dahl story.

"Hang on; what's this dodgy b*stard doing?" Credit: ViralHog

“Hang on; what’s this dodgy b*stard doing?” Credit: ViralHog

As the video opens, the lady we mentioned earlier is driving along the road, completely oblivious to the looming threat of morally questionable scallywags trying to rip her off. Soon enough though, the scallywags make their appearance. One young bloke pushes his moped out onto the road, blocking off old love’s passage (ooh) so she has to stop. Once she does, he f**ken rams the moped into her car and then leaps backwards onto her windscreen and bonnet, making out that he’s been run over by her.

"Ow! You got me! I'm dying!" Credit: ViralHog

“Ow! You got me! I’m dying!” Credit: ViralHog

Of course, this plum has his mate filming it so he has evidence of the poor lady’s ‘reckless’ driving. I’m not quite sure how he’d actually use it. The only thing it provides evidence of is his broken moral compass, but there it is. Old love is not having it though.

"Did you get that on camera? She tried to kill me?" Credit: ViralHog

“Did you get that on camera? She tried to kill me?” Credit: ViralHog

"Cut the sh*t, boys. I've got you on dashcam." Credit: ViralHog

“Cut the sh*t, boys. I’ve got you on dashcam.” Credit: ViralHog

She basically says, “Yeah, nah, f**k you, I’ve got a dashcam.”

Upon hearing this, the two failed rip-off merchants decide they only have one option left to them. They f**ken leg it, hauling their broken moped with them.

"Ah, f**k! Unplanned for eventuality!" Credit: ViralHog

“Ah, f**k! Unplanned for eventuality!” Credit: ViralHog

Final thought: Good onya, you plonkers. If you are gonna try to rip folks off; you probably want to use a bit of nous. The sheer number of dashcams on the road, tracking devices in your phone, and CCTV cameras these days means that most of what you do is pretty easy to suss out as soon as even a meagre level of scrutiny is applied. That’s why it’s probably safer if you just don’t be a dickhead.

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