These bloody ripper food combos will make your stomach turn

These bloody ripper food combos will make your stomach turn

Rightio, before we start this one, we’re just going to point out that we’re not entirely without self-awareness here at Ozzy Man Reviews. We might be a few beers deep, and we might love a bit of vegemite on toast, but we know that calling people’s food choices into question can sometimes be a bit of a d*ck move. Despite, that, we’re pretty confident we’re not the only ones who find some of this s**t weird. Still, we might be wrong. Check them out and let us know what you reckon…

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Before we go on, we’d better give you lot some of that context you love so much: basically, people on Twitter started sharing their weird-ass tastes after a user named Kyle shared that his old man taught him to butter his Pop-Tarts and asked others what weird foods they were into.

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As you can imagine, people had a whole bunch of interesting ideas they thought constituted food. Funnily enough, though, more than a few people pointed out that their parents taught them this s**t. Yeah, nah, deadset, parents, if you’re out there teaching your kids this stuff is food, just stop. They’re believing you and embarrassing themselves in the process.

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Anyway, Kyle spoke to Bored Panda and told them that he got the inspiration for his tweet when talking to his mates about the food he ate when he was younger.

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“I used to be on the chunkier side and was talking about how much junk I would eat (hot pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, toaster strudels for dessert) and how even the junk food was made junkier (enter, the buttered pop tarts!). That got us talking about other weird things we all used to eat, and I figured I’d take to Twitter and hear some others.”

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Final thought: Once you’ve let us know what you reckon about these, let us know about the weird s**t you eat – or used to eat – in the Facebook comments section. We’re pretty confident there’ll be some f**ked up combinations in there. Don’t let us down, ya legends!

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