This absolute legend of a Firefighter saved a lizards life with CPR

Credit: @gordonfirestation

This absolute legend of a Firefighter saved a lizards life with CPR

Mate, it’s well and truly established that while there are plenty of top blokes doing the rounds, most fireys are right up there at the tip of the top of the pinnacle. F**k yeah, they do awesome s**t for a living, and some of them, like the champ in this video, keep doing awesome s**t when they’re off-duty as well. Have a bloody squiz at this fire-fighter’s lizard-saving heroics to see what we’re talking about…

To get this one started, we’re gonna do a little role-play. Just imagine you’re minding your business when a bunch of bloody kids come running with a tiny little lizard dangling over the precipice of Destination F**ked.

“Bloody help! It’s dying,” they say.

Credit: @gordonfirestation

Now, do you take one look at the squamous little critter and go, “Yeah, nah, he’s up s**t creek in a barbed wire canoe, kids,” or do you, as a man of action, see this as an opportunity to save a life and cement your reputation amongst the neighbourhood as a true f**ken legend?

Credit: @gordonfirestation

If you’re the firey in this video, the answer’s simple. Your don your heroic helmet, you swirl your cape so it billows in the wind, and you swap your grundies to the outside of your pants. “All creatures great and small,” you say. “All creatures great and small.”

You then position the 99% drowned little bugger on the standard-issue backyard deck, admire his cute little hands, and get to work. ‘Don’t f**ken give up on me,’ you’re thinking as you apply the magic touch and get the little dude gulping air again.

The kids are in awe. Their mum’s like, “Mate, you’d better show me your firehose and your magic hands,” and the lizard’s like, “F**k yes, firey! You’re a top bloke.”

Credit: @gordonfirestation

And he is. But that’s all right. It’s all in a day’s work for the bloody legends of our fire brigades.

Speaking of the fireys, those bloody legends even used the event to warn of the dangers around swimming pools. When they posted the video on Facebook they captioned it with:

On Saturday, one our off duty firefighters was asked to attend a neighbourhood pool where a drowning had occurred. Upon arriving at the scene, a youngster was laying unconscious and not breathing after being found un-responsive in a pool skimmer box by some children after failing to ‘scale’ from the pool.

Immediately getting to work, the 37 firefighter checked for a response by looking, listening and feeling for life the patient appeared cold blooded.

After receiving no response the youngster was turned onto its back and Cardiopulmonary compressions started in an attempt to get a spring in his tail.

After more than ten minutes things weren’t looking good for the little fella, but soon after an occasional “gasping breath” was noticed. From previous experience our firefighters know this is not the time to stop so CPR was continued.

Then miraculously “Lucky” the lizard started to breathe on his own. He was quickly rolled back onto his stomach and within half an hour with a little sunshine was back to chasing insects.

It also serves as a timely reminder to know your CPR action plan in and around the water as we head towards the end of summer. Another great save by the Gordon crew.

Final thought: There’s not too much that needs to be said here, but credit where it’s due, saving a tiny little lizard’s life with a bit of CPR is a f**ken cool move. As we said, what a top bloke. What. A. Top. Bloke.

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Video Link: Gordon Fire Station